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Alpha King introduces Alpha Star Club

Released at: 11:31, 20/09/2019

Alpha King introduces Alpha Star Club

Photo: Alpha King

Program underway at sales operations center and cultural hub Sense by Alpha King.

by Hung Cao

The Alpha Star Club program has been officially kicked off at the Sense by Alpha King, the sales operations center and cultural hub, with 200 real estate sales consultants recruited from more than 13,000 consultants.

It will be a journey full of challenges, with real stories and people, full of joy and tears, giving the audience a true perspective about people working in this industry.

As at the third quarter of 2019, Vietnam’s real estate market has experienced significant growth. An expanded legal framework, together with a new policy in 2015 that allows foreigners to own houses in Vietnam, and a stable macroeconomic development, have given Vietnam many advantages to become the new investment destination in the region.

This also attracts many foreign brokers, as well as creating opportunities for Vietnamese real estate consultants to access a plentiful source of customers in the region and the world.

With these optimistic indicators, there have been many transactions worth over $1 million in Vietnam’s real estate market. However, the value is also proportional to customer requirements. Among these luxury products, the design, facilities, central location, as well as the potential for long-term investment are the four critical factors that determine a successful business.

But above all, the role of real estate consultants is becoming indispensable, since they help to connect all of the above factors to support customers in making a wise investment decision

According to a research by JobStreet Vietnam based on the “Survey of jobseekers’ salary in Vietnam in 2019” (VietnamWorks), real estate sales consultant is always on the list of the most attractive jobs because of the handsome income and flexibility of time. However, the pressure and fierce competition, as well as the increasing demand for professional knowledge and consulting skills, make it a very difficult job to master.

Building credibility and trust is never easy, especially when there are still many hidden complications in the industry. Real estate sales consultants are not professionally trained and still have to face negative perceptions from society.

Few people understand that many sales consultants choose to work in the real estate industry because they want to help customers find their dream homes and share the joy with them. Like other professions, they try to push forward, not only because of the responsibilities but also because of the desire to go further on the path that they have chosen.

From million-dollar aspiration to an inspirational journey

With the mission of motivating and training real estate consultants to develop their skills and knowledge to meet international standards, and to change society’s perception about this profession as well as bring trust and a peace of mind to customers in every investment decision, Alpha King has established the Alpha Star Club.

Where stars become superstars, the Alpha Star Club promises to be a place for elite real estate sales consultants, with strict entry requirements and a program conducted in a reality show format.

The Alpha Star Club, a journey full of passion, shows the vision and dedication of Alpha King. With the desire to create a new legacy in the luxury real estate industry, Alpha King organizes in-depth training for sales consultants that has never been done before in the market, and the quality is guaranteed by leaders in the field of business, real estate, law, architecture, and communications skills, which will help them reach a whole new level in their career.

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