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Green buildings key in addressing climate change

Released at: 06:46, 17/09/2017

Green buildings key in addressing climate change

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

Recent VNREA seminar encouraged developers to move towards green building development.

by Khanh Chi

Ho Chi Minh City is considered Vietnam’s key economic area and its most important real estate market, which is also the field predicted to be most affected by climate change in the country. As a result, green buildings have been mooted as an essential and safe solution for the city’s infrastructure development orientation in particular and for Vietnam in general, the “Green Buildings Development in the Context of Climate Change in Vietnam” workshop held in Ho Chi Minh City a few days ago heard.

The workshop was part of the implementation of the five-year operation plan (2017-2022) for the “Sustainable Green Buildings Development Program”, with the aim of attracting businesses in the real estate sector to develop green buildings nationwide and contribute to establishing a foundation for a green real estate market in the country.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam, Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA), said “according to the latest United Nation’s report, 90 per cent of climate change is caused by humans and the remainder from natural causes, so our actions will play a decisive role in the fight against climate change.”

As a result, “this seminar is an effort to support sound policies from the government on climate change response, green growth, and green building development, together with the desire to promote green building development and raise public awareness about the benefits of green buildings,” he added.

VNREA has set up a Program Coordination Committee with 23 members, including managers, scientists, experts on green buildings, and leaders from major real estate firms. It has also set up an action plan for the next five years with the aim of contributing to the foundation of a green property market in Vietnam.

At its launch in late May, the program received enthusiastic support from and the participation of the real estate community, which featured commitments from dozens of leading developers in Vietnam. At the same time, it received a pledge of more than $1 million and other technical support commitments.

The Green Building Development in the Context of Climate Change in Vietnam workshop was an opportunity to introduce the program and broad communications on “green” criteria to promote the responsibility of people and investors regarding the environment and sustainable development towards a “green” life. At the same time, the program calls for investors to send proposals to the government and relevant agencies to set out criteria and incentives for developers to build green buildings.

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