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Small family in a big life insurance policy

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Small family in a big  life insurance policy

Photo: Fubon Life

Fubon Life was recognized as one of the Top 10 Trusted Life Insurance Companies in Vietnam in 2017 and has also overcome thousands of foreign-invested enterprises for five years in succession to receive a Golden Dragon Award as an “Enterprise With Excellent Service”. Fubon Life Vietnam also shone in its community activities last year.

It conquered the hearts of thousands of consumers to win the “Vietnamese Family Trust and Use Award 2017” as well as “Top 100 Trusted Products and Services 2017”. The affirmation from and belief of the community towards Fubon Life Vietnam comes from its “Long term and sustainable business development strategy” and solid business performance over the last seven years, which are based on the four core values of “Integrity, Honest, Professional, Creative” to target one goal: ensuring that “a small family is protected by a large insurance policy”.
“Integrity and Friendly” is a difference in the services provided by Fubon Life Vietnam to customers. Customers are at the center of all activities at Fubon Life Vietnam and its General Agent offices, bringing life insurance products closer to customers and accompanying families and ensuring their insurance benefits. 

With the core values of “Integrity, Friendly, Professional, Innovative”, Fubon Life Vietnam aims to time-effectively settle insurance benefits as a criterion for improving service quality. With professional and trustworthy human resources, the business philosophy of “Integrity and Friendly” is the guiding principle of all customer service activities, such as consulting, evaluation and monitoring insurance contracts, and compensation payments, to ensure that customers get policies that suit their needs and make the most of the effectiveness of financial protection.
“Professional and Creative” is a unique value of the products from Fubon Life Vietnam.

Vietnam was ranked second in terms of people dying from cancer in the World Cancer Map from the World Health Organization (WHO). Some 115,000 people die each year, or 315 each day on average. The country also has more than 200,000 people suffering from strokes every year. More than 50 per cent die, and 90 per cent of stroke survivors must live with damage to nervous and movement systems, and need other people to take care of them, according to the WHO’s GLOBACAN project and the Vietnam National Institute for Cancer Control.

Understanding the concerns of the family breadwinner towards critical illness and cancer, Fubon Life Vietnam launched a protection solution with breakthrough functions: the “Phuc Bao Critical Illness Rider” insurance products, providing the whole family with strong, multi-layer, and simultaneous protection to strengthen the benefits in case family members suffer from critical illnesses or cancer. Compared to similar insurance products available on the market, this new product has three outstanding characteristics.

First: The breakthrough coverage of up to 100 critical illnesses, especially cancer. In order to ensure parents and children suffering from critical illnesses can receive insurance benefit payments, Fubon Life Vietnam has researched the Vietnamese environment, living conditions, and long-term health statistics to list the 100 most-common critical illnesses and cancer that Vietnamese people suffer from, with insurance benefits at up to 100 per cent of the Sum Assured. In cases where a family member is suffering from cancer, the benefit is 100 per cent of the Sum Assured, to ensure the funding of treatment.

Second: Providing protection to the whole family with a Sum Assured of up to VND2 billion ($87,735) per person with reasonable premiums. This product extends the protection of both adults and children, helping parents protect their children from critical illnesses.

Third: Insurance benefits are paid at the early stage of critical illnesses and cancer. In order to take advantage of the golden opportunity of early and timely treatment of critical illness, insurance benefits are paid as soon as critical illness is diagnosed, helping family members recover soon and get home to the family. The strength of Fubon Life comes from the goal of having “a small family protected by a large insurance policy”, because each Vietnamese family is a family of Fubon Life Vietnam. 

“Facing the increasing risk of critical illness, accidents, death, natural disasters, and fires, which can happen everywhere and anytime and can destroy families and the future of the children’s education, Fubon Life Vietnam offers breakthrough and practical policies where a ‘a small family is protected by a large insurance policy’,” said Mr. Rick Chiang, General Director of Fubon Life Vietnam. “Our products protect the whole family against the risk of critical illness, cancer, accident and death, as a special gift to Vietnamese families. Fubon Life Vietnam has the strength to fulfill this mission, as every Vietnamese family is our family and every child is our child.”

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