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Practicality, Diversity, Technology

Released at: 15:40, 09/04/2019 Vietnam golden dragon awards & Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2019

Practicality, Diversity, Technology

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Mr. Kelvin Foo, Director of traffic and transport consultants TTS Group Vietnam, tells VET about the company’s endeavors to date.

Mr. Kelvin Foo, Director of traffic and transport consultants TTS Group Vietnam

Can you tell us about the company’s business performance last year? What were the TTS Group’s most significant innovations and achievements in Vietnam?

The TTS Group Vietnam’s business revenue has increased by approximately 25 per cent every year since we were established in 2014. We have been exposed more to the international data collection market as well as the specialist local Vietnamese market.

Technology is at the heart of our traffic and transport operations, and we constantly incorporate advanced technology into the full spectrum of our services. In Vietnam, most traffic consulting companies still use manual surveyors to count traffic on the spot, which may result in a lack of data accuracy with no verification able to be made. Meanwhile, we have been using our customized Video Survey Units (VSUs) for years, to count via footage.

And this method allows us to provide the most accurate data to clients. We also introduced a new VSU setup last year, endorsed by professional engineers, called “Pigeon Hole”, which helps save time and improve footage quality. We have been working towards becoming the leading specialist traffic and transport consulting firm not only in Singapore and Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.

♦ What potential does Vietnam hold for transport design consultancy in general and the TTS Group in particular?

Vietnam has experienced rapid economic growth over recent years and transportation is a key factor in people connectivity and goods transportation. Effective transportation systems boost the ease of doing business and trade, increasing investment and promoting the economy.

However, existing traffic conditions in Vietnam face a range of issues, such as frequent accidents, traffic jams, and new residential areas being built without traffic surveys being conducted, which creates pressure on surrounding roads. Moreover, transportation is considered a government priority, so there are more and more government transportation projects.

We see tremendous potential for transport consultancy, traffic surveys, and data collection in Vietnam, which is also why we set up our third company here. We believe that with our technology and professional team, we can help improve traffic conditions in Vietnam, which is widely seen as building the country in the process.

The TTS Group certainly hopes to help build Vietnam’s cities and resolve their traffic issues as much as we can.

♦ What are the competitive strengths the TTS Group possesses?

Our unique selling proposition in our business is to be a one-stop shop for clients who seek services, from data collection all the way to traffic and transport planning.

Our business model allows major cost savings for our clients by having a wide international pool of transport professionals who have a wide knowledge of transport planning, which involves Detailed Traffic Data Collection, Traffic Impact Assessments, Traffic Safety, Transport Modelling, Traffic Engineering, Specialized Traffic Projects, and Traffic Market Research.

Based on these skillsets and since we began in early 2010, our mission has been to provide a full range of traffic solutions and professional services to both the public and private sectors, including Land & Property Developers; Construction & Building Contractors; Architects, Planners & Project Managers; Multidisciplinary and Specialist Consultants; Mining, Industrial & Freight Companies; Federal & State Government Agencies; Road & Public Transport Authorities; Major Retail & Shopping Centers; and Schools & Universities.

Practicality - Diversity - Technology is applied to our design solutions and project portfolio, while using the latest equipment for traffic surveys and data collection processes. Moreover, we have depth and breadth in experience offered by our professional staff, who will quickly move to your projects in remote sites or your office during urgent situations.

♦ What challenges does Vietnam hold in the development of the TTS Group? What has the company done to overcome these?

Having a new office in Hanoi is a key step in the company’s development. We foresee major potential in the development of Vietnam’s transportation network and aim to be “internationally-trained transport planners based locally in Vietnam.”
There are still some difficulties to face along the way, however. The first is policy and regulation in the country. As a foreign-invested enterprise, we have to adapt to local regulations and laws and we have also faced certain restrictions in doing business, which was quite challenging at first.

After more than four years in Vietnam, the TTS Group has overcome these difficulties and recorded gradual growth thanks to our professional Vietnamese staff. Another challenge we met was finding experienced, well-trained, and specialized local traffic engineers.

In Vietnam, traffic and transport consultancy is still a relatively new trend so it is challenging to find well-trained staff in this field. We assess new staff by testing, giving them time to prove they fit into the position and then confirming them as staff.

Up to this point, we have slowly built a strong team with a low turnover rate. Last but not least, with various international experience, we trust that we will have a better chance to conduct projects in Vietnam in the future, especially with the help of the young Vietnamese talent available.

♦ What are TTS’s specific plans for business development in Vietnam into the future?

We will be investing significantly this year in the next expansion phase and consolidating our presence in Vietnam. Simultaneously, we are actively working with local firms on some of our new projects. We are recruiting more staff to meet our clients’ demands and updating technology and equipment in every aspect of our business.

From time to time, we participate in international and local forums to share our expertise in transport planning and traffic engineering, to make our brand well-known in Vietnam.

We also offer a lot of help to local partners, explaining our way of collecting data as well as our way of carrying out our work, so that we are all able to learn from this process. We believe this will greatly assist us in our business development too.
We also invest in training our local Vietnamese staff by getting them involved in business development activities so they will know how to improve the process and customize activities to benefit the TTS Group of Companies in the long run.

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