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Mcredit - a prestigious & effective consumer finance solution

Released at: 10:05, 12/04/2019 Vietnam golden dragon awards & Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2019

Mcredit - a prestigious & effective consumer finance solution

Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan, Member of the Members’ Council and CEO of the MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company

Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan, Member of the Members’ Council and CEO of the MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company, spoke with VET on the occasion of Mcredit receiving a Golden Dragon Award for the second time.

What business results have been posted by the company since it began operations in Vietnam?

After more than two years in Vietnam’s consumer finance market under the name Mcredit, MB Shinsei Finance has recorded outstanding results and created a solid foundation in the consumer lending market.

As at the end of 2018, the company’s charter capital had increased 60 per cent, or VND800 billion ($34.47 million), compared to 2017; credit growth increased by 254 per cent; customer numbers stand at 743,000. Its business network expanded to 53 cities and provinces with 870 consultant points nationwide. Cash payments are available at nearly 20,000 collection points at MB branches and transaction offices, VN Post, Viettel stores, and the payment points of Payoo and Momo. In 2018, Mcredit was proud to be in the Top 5 Consumer Finance Companies in Vietnam. These all show that Mcredit’s consumer lending products are increasingly accepted and trusted in the market.

■ What company strengths help it differentiate itself from others in the market?

As a member of the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank - a reputable financial group in Vietnam for 25 years - Mcredit has been supported from a network of service points, partnerships, and customer relations systems. With Shinsei Bank’s more than 50 years of experience in risk management and development of operating procedures in Japan, Mcredit has inherited an advanced service model aimed at ensuring convenient, prompt and safe products and services for customers. The talented and experienced business management team at MB and Shinsei and leading experts in consumer finance also contributed to the creation of separate identities for Mcredit in the blooming consumer finance market.

■ What targets have you set for 2019 in business growth and MB Shinsei’s position in Vietnam?

With positive business results in 2018, Mcredit is determined to maintain its growth both in size and profit in 2019, striving towards the goal of being in the Top 3 Consumer Finance Companies in the near future regarding effective and safe operations, serving millions of customers in Vietnam.

To accomplish this goal, we focus on promoting our internal resources, standardizing processes, developing customer access channels, and diversifying products. We have implemented a multi-channel service network, including traditional channel, telesales channel, third party channel and online channel. In addition to business development, we always uphold the human factor and strive to build a quality and unified staff for the common development goals of the company.

■ How does Mcredit invest in digital technology in the company’s business development strategy?

As part of its long-term strategy of developing and managing quality, Mcredit always strives to promote the application of digital technology not only in operations but also in marketing activities, multi-channel customer approaches and developing and piloting new products. Advanced technology applications will help Mcredit optimize costs, shorten information processing time, prevent fraud, improve employee productivity and service quality.

In early March, Mcredit officially launched the second phase of the “Building a Contact Center System” project. In the second phase, the Contact Center project will basically complete system construction and implementation. With the application of the world’s leading multi-channel system, Mcredit expects to bring to customers a perfect overall service experience, helping it increase customer interaction and improve customer service quality.

The MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company (Mcredit) is a joint venture, with the two major shareholders being the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) and Shinsei Bank (Japan). Charter capital as at February 2018 was VND800 billion ($34.47 million).
Mcredit focuses on developing two main areas of Cash Loans and Installment Loans towards customer segment of modest incomes with a simple, quick application process and professional and dedicated staff.

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