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Vietnamese platforms among most visited e-commerce sites in region

Released at: 13:57, 04/04/2019

Vietnamese platforms among most visited e-commerce sites in region

Photo: Sendo

Five sites in top 10 in Southeast Asia based on web traffic operate in Vietnam.

by Doanh Doanh

Among the top 10 most successful e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia in 2018, based on average monthly web traffic, five operate in Vietnam - Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Thegioididong and Sendo, according to new findings from iPrice research.

While Lazada and Shopee are international corporations operating in multiple markets (which makes their positions on the list less of a surprise), the inclusion of the remaining three is concrete proof of e-commerce’s potential and size in Vietnam.

In particular, even though Sendo, Tiki, and Thegioididong are only available for consumers within Vietnam, their traffic numbers are still impressive enough to put them within the regional top 10 - surpassing even China’s JD, which now operates in Thailand and Indonesia.

The most remarkable, however, is Thegioididong. The company is the only merchant in the top 10 to focus on just one product category: electronic devices. Despite a niche offering, it still managed to gain an average of 29 million visits per month.

These numbers show that online shopping is now greatly popular among Vietnamese consumers and also hints that the Vietnamese market will keep increasing in the near future.

The huge investments, along with the changes in rankings among the players, highlight how determined these platforms are to dominate the e-commerce market in Vietnam. 2019 is definitely a promising and exciting year for the country’s e-commerce scene.

This conclusion is in line with recent predictions made by Google and Temasek. According to their report, Vietnam’s e-commerce market will grow 43 per cent in 2025 - the highest in the region.

The research was conducted in six regional countries: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It ranked the 10 most successful e-commerce platforms in 2018 based on average monthly web traffic.

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