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UNIQLO Dong Khoi the ultimate shopping experience

Released at: 16:49, 29/11/2019

UNIQLO Dong Khoi the ultimate shopping experience

Photo: Uniqlo

New details offer a sneak peek inside its new HCMC store.

by Minh Do

UNIQLO, the global apparel retailer from Japan, announced on November 29 in Ho Chi Minh City some of the unique features inside its first store in Vietnam.

UNIQLO Dong Khoi, in Ho Chi Minh City, brings together the very best of UNIQLO’s LifeWear products, service levels, creative visual merchandising, and store operations.

“Our UNIQLO Dong Khoi store will showcase the very best of the UNIQLO brand, in harmony with the local community,” said Mr. Osamu Ikezoe, General Director and Chief Operating Officer at UNIQLO Vietnam. “As our very first store in Vietnam, we believe it puts in place a solid foundation for our future here.”

Apart from carrying the full collection of LifeWear - high quality, functional, and affordable clothing that meets the needs of everyone’s daily lifestyles - UNIQLO Dong Khoi also offers a customized in-store experience that reflects the lives and requirements of local people. Spanning three levels over 3,000 sq m of sales floor area, the store seamlessly combines Vietnamese creativity with UNIQLO’s retail innovations to deliver the ultimate shopping experience.

Its dedicated technology section, AIRism and HEATTECH, which has UNIQLO’s proprietary technology products, is located in a special section and is where customers can find innerwear all year round for warm, cold, or transitional weather.

Its complete Fall/Winter 2019 lineup will be available in-store, along with special collections such as Uniqlo U and a collaboration with Marimekko. During the opening week, UNIQLO customers can access limited offers on some items, such as AIRism UV Protection mesh hoodies, Ultra-Light Down, and Uniqlo U curve jeans.

The UNIQLO x Vo Trong Nghia is a celebration of local art, honoring the value of Vietnamese tradition and art. UNIQLO has collaborated with Vo Trong Nghia, an architect focused on green design, to reduce the environmental burden. UNIQLO Dong Khoi features a large and beautiful installation created by Vo Trong Nghia using bamboo - an iconic natural material synonymous with life in Vietnam.

The UNIQLO x Helly Tong sustainability corner will showcase the good work UNIQLO does globally through special initiatives for people, our planet, and the communities where we operate. The corner features green installations by Helly Tong - one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most passionate sustainability influencers - to highlight the beauty and importance of a simpler, more natural lifestyle.

UNIQLO has collaborated with the most creative minds around - LaiTa, Vuon and teamLab – to build a very special Kids and Babies zone at UNIQLO Dong Khoi. The space is among the most fun in UNIQLO’s entire global store network, thanks to some exciting collaborations:

LAITA is a creative design studio blending Vietnamese artistic influences with a modern innovative design. UNIQLO worked with LaiTa to create beautiful furniture items for the Kids and Babies zone that are modern, stylish, and sustainable - such as the DON chair and NGHE rocking chair - made with natural materials.

Vuon Illustration is a local illustrator collective inspired by the culture and everyday life of Vietnam. UNIQLO and Vuon have collaborated on a large mural for the zone, showing a slice of life in Ho Chi Minh City and the energy of its people and children.

The colorful Kids and Babies zone features an installation from Japan’s digital art phenomenon, teamLab. A Blackboard Where Little People Live brings great energy and fun to the store, as kids maneuver soap bubbles on a large digital board for an interactive learning experience that builds creativity.

Available exclusively in Vietnam, UNIQLO Dong Khoi will carry special UT products incorporating motifs of Vietnam. Mickey Stands Vietnam features Mickey wearing an iconic Vietnamese conical hat. In one version, Mickey holds a lotus flower, while another shows him riding a motorbike. These distinctly Vietnamese Mickey UT items are available in four colors.

UNIQLO Dong Khoi will also feature UTMe!, an on-demand t-shirt printing service that lets customers design and print their own dream t-shirts to show off their creativity.

Constantly inspired to become an engaged member of the community, UNIQLO proudly introduces The Good Neighbor City Guide, which a guide is created especially for UNIQLO customers, available at UNIQLO Dong Khoi and neighboring stores. UNIQLO, as a large company, has a powerful platform to support and lift up smaller establishments with an elevated offering. The guide highlights a number of interesting spots around the UNIQLO Dong Khoi store, including boutique restaurants and cafés, where customers can stop by for a great meal after shopping at UNIQLO.

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