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Starbucks continues to promote Vietnam Da Lat coffee

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Starbucks continues to promote Vietnam Da Lat coffee

Photo: Starbucks Vietnam

Popular limited-quantity coffee again available at all Starbucks stores around Vietnam.

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Global icon Starbucks has announced the return of Vietnam Da Lat coffee to its motherland, Vietnam. The limited-quantity coffee is now available at all Starbucks stores in the country.

“They will be sold very quickly,” Ms. Patricia Marques, General Manager of Starbucks Vietnam, believes. “We actually had to have a long conversation with the coffee department to get more, because the allocation was too little. I just received a large order for Tet boxes. Customers very much appreciate our products.”

Starbucks has been sourcing Vietnam Da Lat coffee since 2015 as part of the Starbucks Reserve portfolio. Starbucks Reserve coffee is the company’s line of rare, small lot coffeesavailable only in limited quantities. Each is a one-of-a-kind coffee from coffee-growing regions across Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat whole-bean coffee was first introduced in early 2016 and was widely welcomed by customers and partners, as Starbucks refers to its staff. To mark the return, Starbucks Vietnam is also offeringa special giftset of Vietnam Da Lat coffee, including oneStarbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat whole-bean pack (250grams) and one Logo Mug (16oz) for VND370,000 (about $16).

“Vietnam DaLat is a widely popular coffee among partners and customers and is versatile in many brewing applications,” Ms. Marques said. “Great as a brewed coffee in the morning or a delicious espresso option, we are excited by itsreturn.”

From the cool and mist-shrouded pine forests of Vietnam’s central highlands comes a rare offering - only the second Starbucks Reserve® coffee from Vietnam. Anchored by the city of Da Lat - nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring” - the serene environment of Lam Dong province offers an escape from the heat and is an ideal environment for the cultivation of high-quality Arabica beans. The fertile volcanic soil, constant cool temperatures, and seemingly ever-present mist culminate in a coffee every bit as distinctive as the land from which it came.

These one-of-a-kind beans deliver a vibrant acidity that highlights the notes of kola nuts,toffee,and vanilla.

Although Vietnam today is one of the world’s leading exporters of Robusta coffee, its specialty-grade Arabica coffee has thrived in its mountains for more than 150 years. Now, Starbucks is offering its first single-origin coffee from the country with Starbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat.

Ms. Marques remembered that in 2013 there were a couple of international brands in Vietnam and on the domestic side, but nobody had Arabica because Robusta dominated. She now sees the potential of Arabica because she visits Da Lat every year. “I see how much more interest there is from farmers about turning to Arabica because there is demand, and I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase Da Lat coffee to the world. It’s so rewarding because our partners are so proud,” she said.

Starbucks now works with farmers in introducing the Da Lat brand. “After the first launch of Starbucks Reserve Vietnam Da Lat in 2016, we were very happy that customers loved the coffee and it made the name of Cau Dat in Da Lat become popular,” she said with evident pride. “We expect this year will be the same, because the coffee crop is even better.”

By purchasing coffee, Starbucks has also helped local farmers. “Da Lat has only one crop per year,” she explained. “Now the quantity is fine, but we need double next year. That challenge will be interesting, because when we need double production and even better quality, farmers will need to improve their quality. Now when we go to Da Lat, the farmers are very interested in showing us the quality of their beans. They talk about how beautiful the cherries are. They are ready to talk and they are ready to pass the level of quality. They want to be in the business of consistently selling good quality coffee in larger quantities.”

In addition to coffee purchases, Starbucks has also invested in the coffee-growing community in Da Lat by supporting education for the children of coffee farmers. Introducing Da Lat coffee to the world is one of interesting features of Starbucks’ journey in Vietnam.

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