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Safety & cybersecurity must be guaranteed

Released at: 16:48, 29/11/2019

Safety & cybersecurity must be guaranteed

Photo: Vneconomy

Vietnam needs to master technology to ensure safety and cybersecurity, according to Minister of Information and Communications.

by Minh Do

“Safety and cybersecurity are vital factors in national digital transformation,” Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung told the Vietnam Information Security Day 2019 event with the theme “Enhancing safety and national network security in the digital age” on November 29 in Hanoi.

The world and Vietnam have entered cyber space with the digital revolution and many challenges and opportunities result. Some 108 new cyber attacks and 32 new malware are generated every second.

“Ensuring safety and cybersecurity is synonymous with building for the future, making the country more prosperous,” Minister Hung said. “Safety and cybersecurity are the basic conditions and vital factors for the transformation of the country, as is developing e-government towards digital government, digital economy, and digital society.”

Vietnam needs to master technology to ensure safety and cybersecurity. State agencies and organizations preventing and combating network attacks should give priority to using “Made in Vietnam” products. The will soon assign specific tasks to pioneering enterprises in order to develop Vietnam’s ecosystem of safe and network security products for e-government, smart cities, and national information systems.

The ecosystem is a comprehensive model with full and complete solutions. Enterprises can determine solutions to focus on deeper development, professionalism, priorities and recommendations for use.

At the same time, an alliance will also be established to cooperate and support each other in product development, ensuring products with connectivity. The business alliance is also committed to using each other’s products to provide a whole solution to its customers.

Minister Hung also emphasized in his speech that Vietnam has a great advantage of having approximately 1 million human resources in the field of ICT.

Along with the strong aspiration to rise up, with the support of the State and close association from the alliance, Vietnam can fully produce strong businesses to become a safe in cybersecurity and protect prosperity. “And we will not miss that opportunity,” he said.

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