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Productivity and quality key to creating competitive advantages

Released at: 16:14, 03/12/2019

Productivity and quality key to creating competitive advantages

Photo: Ngoc Lan

Productivity and Quality in the Era of Digital Transformation conference being held in Hanoi on December 3 and 4.

by Ngoc Lan

An international conference on Productivity and Quality in the Era of Digital Transformation is being held by the University of Economics and Business (UEB) at the Vietnam National University (VNU) on December 3 and 4 in Hanoi.

Productivity and quality are not only measures reflecting the capabilities of enterprises but also key factors in creating competitive advantages in the market. In the context of Industry 4.0, with the arrival of AI and newly-developed ICT technologies, a large number of tasks are going to be replaced by robots, so productivity, quality control, and improvement issues are becoming increasingly important. However, intensive training programs on productivity and quality improvement in Vietnam have been limited, creating difficulties in researching and applying global best practices.

The conference is being held with the aim of sharing knowledge, solutions, tools, and experience in enhancing an organization’s innovation competency to create breakthroughs in productivity and quality in the context of digital transformation. It is also an opportunity to provide in-depth knowledge, the latest research, and practical trends in the context of digital transformation, with multi-dimensional perspectives from representatives of State management agencies, business leaders, and researchers.

Within the conference, a seminar on “Innovation to improve quality productivity in the context of globalization - Korean experience” held on December 3 introduced the most innovative methods in the world, such as Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ, and the South Korean experience in resolving creative problems and developing new products and services and business processes.

The seminar featured experts from South Korea’s QM&E Business Consultants, who shared breakthrough in innovation knowledge and experience among South Korean businesses such as Samsung and LG. More than 50 domestic and foreign enterprises attended the workshop. The South Korean experts showed that to apply digital technology to increase productivity, businesses need to restructure their processes and change the way their system operates.

Another seminar on “Trends in digital transformation and impacts on business quality and productivity” on December 4 will present the status of quality productivity in Vietnam in 2019, digital transformation among Vietnamese businesses, the latest research on supply chain quality, and the application of information technology in the process of enterprise management.

The conference stems from a research group on quality productivity at UEB, which has published more than 30 international scientific works and publications since 2015, to disseminate knowledge about quality productivity as well as provide solutions to improve quality productivity at more than 20 Vietnamese enterprises through training consultancy.

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