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Panasonic introduces new anti-bacterial technology in fridges and washing machines

Released at: 15:30, 17/10/2019

Panasonic introduces new anti-bacterial technology in fridges and washing machines

Photos: Panasonic Vietnam

BlueAg anti-bacterial technology a feature in 2019 refrigerators and washing machines.

by Doanh Doanh

Panasonic Vietnam has launched a new hygiene solution with leading BlueAg technology in Japan in the latest Panasonic refrigerators and washing machines. The new solution is part of many efforts by Panasonic to address social issues through its innovative technologies and Japanese quality products and services.

“To meet growing market demand in Vietnam, one of the key markets of Panasonic in the region, Panasonic has been continuously investing and developing technologies to provide consumers with Japanese quality products along with convenience and values, bringing a comfortable and safe life for Vietnamese people,” said Mr. Yoichi Marukawa, Managing Director of Panasonic Sales Vietnam.

Vietnamese consumers have paid much attention recently to social issues such as air pollution, water pollution, and food safety, etc. As a trusted Japanese brand and a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, aiming to create “A better life, A better world”, Panasonic has strived to resolve these issues and contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development through its innovative products, services, and corporate social responsibility activities.

The new hygiene solution was developed based on the standards of comfort, health, and safety, with careful consideration given to regional conditions. Based on anti-bacterial technology using silver ions, the advanced hygiene BlueAg technology has been improved with a combination of blue light (in refrigerators) and UV rays (in washing machines) and silver ions that help to kill up to 99.99 per cent of bacteria. Combined with new energy saving technology from the TD inverter, Panasonic’s products enrich the experience for Vietnamese consumers.

In refrigerators, the blue LED light activates the silver surface of the Ag filter to create OH (hydroxyl radicals). OH radicals then stick to bacterium and take the hydrogen away from them to form water and inhibit bacterium activity at the Ag filter. As a result, fresh air is circulated, helping to keep food fresh while retaining nutrients and flavor. BlueAg technology is integrated in the Panasonic BV0 bottom freezer refrigerator model with premium glass doors and the French Door CY0 model.

In addition, the hygiene water tank in Panasonic refrigerators has been improved in terms of design and materials to enhance the antibacterial effects. It has a closed structure, made of antibacterial materials with a carbon filter inside that helps reduce unpleasant odors, ensuring that the water is always fresh and clean.

The newly-launched refrigerators are also equipped with Panasonic’s leading food preservation technologies, such as -3oC Prime Fresh freezing and wide fresh case, etc.

In front-loading washing machines, BlueAg technology optimizes bactericidal efficiency by a combination of silver ions and UV rays - ultraviolet rays in the sunlight - without using hot water. Ag ions in the Ag device behind the detergent tray will be injected into rinsing water in the drum. The blue UV rays will activate the Ag ions to form OH radicals, similar to the operations of the refrigerator, to eliminate 99.99 per cent of bacteria even when washing in cold water. Hence, it helps maximize protection for clothes, especially with perishable materials such as wool and silk and also saves time and energy consumption.

The 2019 refrigerator and washing machine models also feature Panasonic’s leading technologies, including intelligent sensors Econavi, and the electricity saving Inverter to promote energy-saving and eco-friendly products.

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