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Jio Health & Bao Viet Phu My partner in digital healthcare and health insurance

Released at: 09:22, 14/10/2019

Jio Health & Bao Viet Phu My partner in digital healthcare and health insurance

Photo: Jio Health

Healthcare startup shakes hands with local insurer to promote Jio Premium 360.

by Hung Cao

Jio Health Vietnam and Bao Viet Phu My, a subsidiary of Bao Viet Insurance, recently announced the introduction of Jio Premium 360, a healthcare package combining digital health and health insurance, under a cooperative agreement between two parties.

Customers using Jio Premium 360 will be entitled to many healthcare benefits at home and in hospital. Children from 15 days old to adults that are 60 years old can take out the package and renew it until 65 years of age. Benefits will depend on age.

Customers receive free initial testing and general physical examinations. Based on the results of these, a Jio Health doctor will explain the medical condition (if any) or indicate how the patient can take appropriate care.

Depending on personal needs or the doctor’s recommendations, customers of Jio Premium 360 can book an examination at specific specialists at Jio Health, such as general eye examinations, skin advice, cancer consultation, nutrition advice, and pre-marriage advice.

Jio Health owns a team of nearly 100 highly-qualified doctors with study and work experience at leading universities and hospitals in Vietnam. The majority graduated in specialities such as resident physician, Masters, Ph.D., Specialist I, and Specialist II. Taking blood and samples, changing bandages, etc. may also be conducted at home by the professional nurses at Jio Health.

Cooperating with Bao Viet Phu My, Jio Health wishes to increase the benefits available. In case of mandatory hospitalization or inpatient treatment at qualified medical facilities, patients will receive compensation from Bao Viet.

The joining of the two in digital healthcare and health insurance in Vietnam gives society a 360-degree comprehensive protection and healthcare solution, from which customers can easily access doctors as well as medical solutions anytime, anywhere, from home to hospital, more conveniently than ever.

Jio Premium 360 increases the initiative in each patient’s examination, diversifies the customer experience, and quickly and promptly provides healthcare solutions if necessary. And above all, it raises awareness in society about prevention being better than cure, to minimize any health risks that may arise.

“Created to improve the healthcare experience, Jio Premium 360 continues to demonstrate Jio Health’s strong commitment to the Vietnamese people,” said Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, CEO of Jio Health Vietnam.

“Jio Health always strives to bring helpful products, examination services, and utilities, minimizing costs for users through technology applications. Combining with Bao Viet Phu My is an opportunity for Jio Health to continue perfecting the products and ecosystem we are providing.”

Jio Premium 360 was officially introduced to the market in September. The home-visit booking service applied in Ho Chi Minh City will be expanded in the near future.

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