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EQuest invests in edtech platform 789.vn

Released at: 16:44, 16/10/2019

EQuest invests in edtech platform 789.vn

Photo: EQuest

Local tech platform becomes member of education group to digitalize examination processes and other tasks.

by Hong Nhung

The EQuest Education Group (formerly known as the Institution of American Education, or IAE) announced on October 16 an investment in 789.vn, a comprehensive technology platform for education digital transformation and big data supporting teachers and students in their teaching and studies. The investment sum was not disclosed.

789.vn becomes the latest member to join the umbrella of the EQuest Education Group. Up to 90 per cent of teachers’ workload in relation to exam paper preparations and grading is expected to be eased thanks to 789.vn’s innovative education technology platform.

The first and foremost achievement of 789.vn is viable end-to-end digitization that accommodates immediate workload relief for high school teachers and instructors, manifested in an elaborate systematized and tiered question bank as well as supporting solutions that allow for as much as 99 per cent of conventional exam preparations and grading to be completed with a few mouse clicks.

With 789.vn, each and every teacher user is enabled by state-of-the-art technology to perform six routine but crucial tasks.

First, teachers are given the capability to create and tier exam papers efficiently, saving up to 90 per cent of time and effort compared to the conventional pen-and-paper approach. Second, 789.vn-powered toolkits allow teachers to automatically shuffle questions in prepared exam papers, reducing as much as 99 per cent of resources that would otherwise be required by manual processing. At the same time, as the third capability, all exam papers on 789.vn can be exported into Word documents for printing and customization at the teachers’ discretion.

Subsequently, the fourth capability of 789.vn is automatic grading, with an automated result entry feature that allows for immediate result updates into respective users’ test reports, which constitute the fifth capability of the platform. As its sixth capability, the platform is particularly appealing to many groups of users for its ability to push reports to parents and designated recipients.

Mr. Huynh Quoc Thang, CEO of 789.vn, said that the main focus of 789.vn is to release teachers’ energy so they will no longer be burdened by a huge amount of at-home tasks and will be able to reserve their capacity for actual in-class teaching, and to create “happy teachers” who are not troubled by “trivial” or repetitive tasks such as preparing exam papers, teaching materials, or exercise assignments.

With 789.vn, teachers can log on and through the provided centralized task dashboard address a multitude of matters relating to the learning and assessment needs of their students, ranging from gamified exercises to individualized assessments that allow for constructive feedback to improve student performance.

Technology wise, Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the EQuest Education Group, said 789.vn has also started to digitize lectures and apply augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to maintain the relevance and sustainability of the platform amid Industry 4.0. This is one of the pioneering education platforms applying VR in Vietnam.

The EQuest Education Group currently has 15 schools and member entities in the education sector, providing employment to more than 2,200 employees and catering to the education needs of more than 80,000 students in Vietnam.

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