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Criteo: Digital marketing campaigns crucial for brands and retailers

Released at: 15:19, 01/10/2018

Criteo: Digital marketing campaigns crucial for brands and retailers

Photo: Criteo

Ad platform releases two new studies on importance of online and in-app marketing strategies.

by Hong Nhung

Criteo S.A., an advertising platform for the open internet, last week unveiled findings from two studies looking into the opportunities Vietnamese marketers can tap into in the marketing and advertising landscape.

A Criteo-commissioned study conducted by Euromonitor - Acquire, Convert and Re-engage - dived into the three stages of a typical marketing campaign to determine what works for marketers and the challenges they face in each stage. The Big App Commerce Opportunity in Vietnam study, also commissioned by Criteo, highlights the need for retailers to offer a seamless mobile app shopping experience. Both studies reinforce the need for retailers and brands to prioritize digital marketing as omni-channel shopping continues to be the new normal.

Omni-channel shoppers are increasingly completing online purchases on mobile apps and are no longer just researching and browsing products on this channel. At the same time, forward looking retailers that have designed and executed digital marketing strategies in response to this trend are already realizing the benefits in customer acquisition, conversion and re-engagement. To keep up with the behavior of shoppers in Vietnam and maintain or grow sales margins, other retail players must assess this situation and similarly adopt a stronger focus on digital marketing.

“Going online has greatly influenced the way we shop and the spillover effects are evident in today’s marketing landscape,” said Mr. Alban Villani, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at Criteo. “This has shaped the way marketers develop their campaigns. As omni-channel shopping rises, it is the right time for marketers to have acquisition, conversion and re-engagement campaigns to not only attract new customers but also re-attract the same pool.”

Key highlights

While TV and print were the top channels in Vietnam in terms of ad spend, online has had the fastest growth, at close to 27 per cent CAGR from 2014 to 2017. With more than 34 per cent of users having two or more connected devices by 2022, it is expected that 89 per cent of total marketing budgets will be invested in the online space by the same year.

Vietnamese marketers are already gradually riding on this trend, as seen by their key focus areas in 2017. Paid display advertising accounted for the largest share of their marketing budget at 16 per cent, of which retargeting solutions that re-engage customers with relevant ads accounted for 51 per cent of paid display advertising spend. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another key spending area for Vietnamese marketers, taking up 13 per cent of the marketing budget. This is followed by search advertising (pay-per-click), social media marketing, and traditional marketing such as print, direct mailers, TV and radio ads, which each took up 11 per cent of the marketing budget in 2017.

“Being digitally present is more critical than ever before,” Mr. Villani added. “Marketers are challenged to keep reinventing new campaigns and ideas to attract the omni-channel shopper. This is especially vital in Asia-Pacific, where close to 43 per cent of the population are expected to do their buying online. Criteo works closely with our partners to understand their shoppers’ preferences and propensity to purchase in real-time, so that relevant campaigns can be customized for them.”

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