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Bphone officially launched

Released at: 19:36, 26/05/2015

Bphone officially launched

The long-awaited Vietnamese smartphone from BKAV introduced to the market today.

by Son Ho

BKAV Corporation launched its first high-quality smartphone today at the Vietnam National Convention Center, in the presence of 2,000 guests.

The Bphone is the first smartphone to be designed, manufactured, and assembled in Vietnam. “After more than 1,500 days, hundreds of engineers used their passion to create the phone,” Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, President and General Director of BKAV Corporation told the gathering. “I believe that when you hold this phone you will think it is one of the most well-designed phones in the world.”

Besides its features, a smartphone is like a friend and also a fashion item. This thought was always in the minds of engineers while creating the new Bphone, with design, delicateness, and strength being the key criteria.

The special thing about its design is that the screen has no outline border. With the maximum reduction of redundant parts, Bphone was provided copyright certification for its design style.

Regarding its technical specifications, Mr. Vu Thanh Thang, Vice President of the Hardware Department, said that Bphone’s strong points include the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processing chip and the toughened Gorilas Grass on both sides of the phone, as well as other impressive technical aspects.

Most notable among its features is that Bphone is rare in the world in that it has a non-convex camera. Fast Tracking Auto Focus is also a special feature of the camera, allowing quick auto focus or even focus after the photo is taken.

There is one other special feature rarely found elsewhere: Transfer Jet. Transfer Jet allows file transfers at speeds 500-times faster than the normal NFC transfers used by many other phones. By linking Bphone with a computer or another Bphone, a 1Gb file can be transferred in just a few seconds. Mr. Quang demonstrated this by transferring 72Mb within one second. This is the first phone ever to have Transfer Jet.

As BKAV is a corporation that began with security technology, the security on the Bphone is one of its superior features. Its integrated mobile security application, Bphone Firewall, provides more safety to users. “Bphone is a smartphone without viruses or spyware or cannot be eavesdropped upon,” said Mr. Vu Ngoc Son, Vice President of BKAV’s Security Department. “Bphone can always serve you, even when the internet is not accessed.”

Other features such as an interface design suitable for one-hand use, the ability to play 192kHz 24bit music, Blive (for streaming live videos), a smart devices controller (controlling other smart devices from BKAV), and integrated healthcare software are also among the unique features of the phone.

BKAV will not distribute Bphone over traditional channels but over the corporation’s new e-commerce site. The phone is available from June 2 at a price of $457 for the 16GB black version, $593 for the 32GB black/white/champagne version, and $924 for the 128GB 24k gold plated version.


Home screen of BOS (BKAV's operating system, based on Android 5)

Application screen of BOS (BKAV's operating system)


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