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Bühler promoting new agriculture technologies and machinery

Released at: 11:21, 26/12/2019 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Bühler promoting new agriculture technologies and machinery

Mr. Rustom Mistry (Photo source from Bühler Vietnam)

Mr. Rustom Mistry, President & CEO of Bühler Vietnam, talks about the company's activities in Vietnam over the years.

After 31 years of renovation and opening up internationally, Vietnam has become one of the most successful FDI countries in the region. The FDI sector has also become an important component of Vietnam’s economy, and foreign enterprises have become an integral part of economic growth. Since the beginning of the year, foreign investors have invested in 19 industries and fields, in particular focusing on the field of processing and manufacturing, with total capital of $15.74 billion, or 69.6 per cent of the total.

Can you tell us about Bühler and its activities in Vietnam over recent years?

Bühler has been active in Vietnam since the 1970s. In the early days we had a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. Bühler has witnessed Vietnam’s dynamic growth and wanted to be part of it as an effective contributor, by introducing new technologies in the field of grain and food processing and advanced materials.

We opened a fully-fledged sales and service office in 2012 that caters to all business units Bühler can contribute to in Vietnam. Bühler also entered into a joint venture with a local company and started off with new technologies in the rice processing industry, which is one of the major focuses of the Vietnamese Government. We have invested in a complete set up in Vietnam, which includes all functions like sales, service, engineering, project management, R&D, technology, and a very modern factory that makes the same quality machinery as made in Europe. Bühler Vietnam will be a hub for the Southeast Asian operations of some businesses. We see a bright future for Bühler in Vietnam.

As a company operating in the field of agriculture, what advantages and difficulties have Bühler encountered in Vietnam? What connections have Bühler made with the local agribusiness community and farmers?

Bühler is new in the industry and has new technology, and it is never easy for existing millers to change. We know that “Change is always difficult”, but we also know that “The ONLY constant is change”. If we don’t change to newer technologies then we shall die one day. We can see this with many examples in many industries.

This is the challenge for Bühler, but we see every challenge as an opportunity.

New technologies from Bühler benefit customers in terms of consistent quality; high productivity and efficiency; lower power use per ton; sanitation and hygiene, to obtain various certifications like GMP and HACCP; and a clean and dust-free environment for working, among others.

Bühler has made many connections with local and provincial governments and large and small customers. New technologies are for all and we have many small customers who start with one machine and go up to a complete project.

We have also planned to meet with the central government and introduce the benefits of these new technologies. Every grain saved due to better handling, storage, and processing makes our world and future generations more sustainable.

How do you feel about these connections? What must be done to improve and promote them?

Connections with the government need to be improved and, more importantly, a push from the government for newer technologies to be used in all new projects is needed, with some incentives for end users to use these new technologies.

One way could be to have bank loans at very low interest rates for refurbishments or adaptation of old plants with new technologies.

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