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HDBank among top banks to work for in Asia

Released at: 17:05, 25/07/2019 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

HDBank among top banks to work for in Asia

Photo: HDBank

Bank honored at 2019 HR Asia Awards for having among best working environments.

by Hung Cao

HR Asia recently released its list of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” at the awards ceremony for the 2019 HR Asia Awards. This is an annual award held in the UAE, China, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and elsewhere. The awards have been held for two consecutive years in Vietnam.

Hundreds of companies from various sectors in the country registered in this year’s edition. In banking, four domestic banks were honored - HDBank, ACB, VPBank and SHB - while South Korea’s Shinhan Bank and Standard Chartered Vietnam also received awards.

The 2019 “Best Company to Work for in Asia” awards were conferred by HR Asia to companies that offer attractive welfare policies, an ideal working environment, and regular team building events. Several international companies gained recognition for their work environment, including Microsoft, Unilever, and Starbucks.

The magazine employed several assessment models, each with a separate scale that was then combined for the final results. The Total Engagement Assessment Model was used to survey employees’ level of satisfaction with their work environment, based on three factors: Core, Self, and Group.

According to the Organizing Committee, one of the four domestic banks voted as the best companies to work for, HDBank, achieved near perfect scores and was well above the sector’s average: 4.55/3.77 for Core, 4.61/4.06 for Self, and 4.66/4.13 for Group.

“The Organizing Committee worked very thoroughly and carefully,” a representative from HDBank said. “They studied the banks’ submissions, attended their presentations, and conducted in-depth interviews with different levels in their organizations before deducing the final scores.”

In the Self category, HDBank staff expressed their satisfaction and desire to associate with the bank due to their appreciation of its professional capacity, respect for individual opinions, thorough and advanced training, and exciting team building events. In addition, the success of the work environment was also displayed through mutual support, respect, trust, and self-expression between colleagues.

Notwithstanding the recognition as one of the best companies to work for in Asia, HDBank has always upheld its commitment to supporting its employees in terms of welfare and professional development. In fact, the bank’s staff are provided with secured incomes and encouraged to increase their productivity and completion rates. Additionally, other benefits, including unsecured loans, health insurance, and medical care at various renowned partnered hospitals are looked after by the bank.

As at March, HDBank had 6,041 staff throughout the country, of which 34 per cent have service of five years or more. This demonstrates how HDBank has created an ideal work environment and future and professional foundation where employees have opportunities to contribute and develop.

HR Asia’s recognition of HDBank, ACB, SHB, VPBank and some foreign banks in Vietnam confirms that an ideal work environment is a strength for financial organizations to secure success in global integration.

HR Asia is one of the leading magazines in human resources (HR) in Asia. It has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, and its publications are circulated in many countries and are aimed at senior HR executives.

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