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Vietnam - South Korea Relationship

Twin wins

Greater trade and investment over the years have been beneficial for business from both Vietnam and South Korea.

Distinguishing features

23:40 | 1/11/2014

South Korean investors are among the most successful foreign investors in Vietnam thanks to their business attributes.

Set to surge

23:53 | 1/11/2014

Trade opportunities between Vietnam and South Korea will only increase into the future.

Prosperous journey

05:53 | 17/12/2017

H.E. Nguyen Phu Binh, the first Ambassador of Vietnam to the RoK, reflects on the 25 years since diplomatic relations were...

Mutually reinforcing

10:41 | 18/12/2017

H.E. Lee Hyuk, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea (RoK) to Vietnam, shared his thoughts with VET’s Thu Trang on the stellar...

Home away from home

07:50 | 24/12/2017

Many South Koreans living and working in Vietnam bring their food and culture with them.

In accord

23:11 | 1/11/2014

The relationship between Vietnam and South Korea is to reach a new level in the future based on continued understanding and...

Fitting together

07:53 | 24/12/2017

Vietnamese employees are presented with good opportunities when working at South Korean companies but the lack of skilled workers...

First & foremost

23:06 | 1/11/2014

After two years in third place, South Korea overtook Japan and Singapore to become the leading investor in Vietnam in the first...

Continued flourish

07:37 | 25/12/2017

Already strong, trade and investment between Vietnam and South Korea will only grow in the future.

Curiosity piqued

07:45 | 25/12/2017

Interest in Vietnam’s startups is clearly increasing among South Korean investors.

Lotte keen on local startups

07:55 | 24/12/2017

Mr. Jin Sung Rhee, CEO of Lotte Accelerator, tells VET's Quynh Nguyen about its decision to invest $1 million in Vietnam's...