11:06 (GMT +7) - Monday 27/09/2021

Reining in Public Debt

Checks & balances

Vietnam has been more active in regards of managing public debt with the national strategy approved by the Prime Minister.

Cause for concern

23:00 | 5/12/2014

Mr. Do Thien Anh Tuan, Lecturer at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, spoke with VET's Minh Quang about Vietnam's public...

Cycle continues

06:16 | 5/12/2014

Vietnam not only faces major pressure in keeping its public debt to GDP ratio under the 65 per cent threshold but is having...

Bigger picture

23:08 | 5/12/2014

The continuous stream of government reports claiming the economy is on the mend has tended to obscure the increase in public debt.