The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) issued Document No. 797/BTTTT-THH to ministries, branches and localities on March 6, guiding a number of key tasks to promote digital transformation during 2022.

The main orientation this year is to take the activities of individuals and businesses into the digital environment through promoting the use of Vietnamese digital platforms, which will help them benefit directly from digital transformation. Ministries and branches have been asked to focus on promoting the use of e-commerce platforms by people, agricultural production households, and individual business households.

The MoIC also suggested that ministries, branches, and localities focus on directing the implementation of 22 important tasks and solutions this year. Ministries and localities are also requested to publish a list of shared databases, to systematize data resources, strengthen governance, improve data quality, and encourage data sharing on the digital platform.

Relevant ministries and branches are also asked to prioritize promoting the use of digital platforms to meet essential needs in communications, shopping, entertainment, health, learning, tourism, travel, and insurance. Virtual assistants on digital platforms will be deployed or piloted in government agencies this year, to help staff improve efficiency and productivity.

It is also necessary to prioritize the issuance of an assessment program to determine the enterprise digital transformation index and the plan to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digital transformation, and the issuance of a plan to support and promote non-cash payment methods in local schools, hospitals, and medical facilities.