The Prime Minister issued Official Message No. 1079/CD-TTg on August 14 on reviewing laws to remove difficulties facing investment and business during Covid-19.

The Message was sent to ten ministries: Planning and Investment, Finance, Industry and Trade, Resources and Environment, Construction, Transport, Agriculture and Rural Development, Information and Communications, Justice, and Home Affairs.

The Prime Minster directed authorities in cities and provinces to review problems and inadequacies in relevant legal documents relating to investment, production, and business activities and to propose amendments and supplementations. There are problems relating to 79 laws, three National Assembly resolutions, 188 decrees, 20 Prime Ministerial decisions, and 135 circulars on State management issued by 21 ministries and ministerial-level agencies. The Office of the Government has reviewed the problems and identified content that needs to be studied, amended, and supplemented immediately.

He asked that ministers direct and prioritize resources for the review, study, amendment, and supplementation of legal documents under the management of their ministries and agencies. The priority is to speed up the amendment and supplementation of legal provisions that are overlapping, contradictory, inconsistent, no longer suitable with current circumstances, or causing difficulties in investment, production, and business activities. These flaws are seen in 29 laws under the management of the ten ministries. At the same time, the Prime Minister has requested that ministries complete dossiers requesting law formulation and submit these to the government before August 30, for submission to the second session of National Assembly XV in October. Ministries were also requested to review localities’ recommendations on legal documents and review, study, amend, supplement, and promulgate where they have competence. This task shall be completed in the third quarter.

Ministries and ministerial-level agencies are to send reports on implementation results to the Ministry of Justice before October 5, so it can report to the government before October 15.