Vietnam has been named on a list of the world’s best ten countries for retirement in 2020 by International Living, a global magazine based in Ireland providing information on global travel, living, retiring, investing, and real estate, among others.

Vietnam ranked tenth, based on International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index of 13 categories, including buying and investing, renting, benefits and discounts, visas and residence, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, healthy lifestyle, development, climate, opportunity, and governance. The index helps provide a much bigger and ever-growing selection of outstanding destinations where you can live a healthier and happier life, spend a lot less money, and get a whole lot more.

Vietnam has modern and progressive cities, ancient historic sites, uncrowded beaches, rugged mountains, and some of the friendliest, most welcoming people in the world, according to the site. It is developing rapidly, with one of the strongest economies in Asia. This is bringing high-quality healthcare, good roads, and modern conveniences to a place that was one of the world’s most impoverished countries less than 30 years ago.

In urban areas, skyscrapers are popping up like dandelions and motorbikes and automobiles outnumber cyclos and bicycles. 1,000-year-old temples, ancient emperors’ tombs, and ornate century-old mansions left over from Vietnam’s lengthy occupation by the French are constant reminders of a country rich in history and tradition.

It also stressed that Vietnam’s exceptionally low cost of living is a major incentive for living here. Wherever you are in Vietnam, you’ll find that the cost of living is low. Even in the most expensive cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, two people can live well for less than $1,500 a month. And if you’re on a limited budget, you’ll find the entire country affordable. If you have a larger budget, you’ll be living a life of luxury for a fraction of what you would pay in the West.

It concluded that Vietnam was an easy place to live. English is widely spoken, and the local people are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Making friends, both expats and Vietnamese, is also easy. Life’s little luxuries are more than affordable in Vietnam. It’s not surprising that so many foreigners have chosen to retire here.

Moreover, situated right in the middle of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is also a convenient and well-used travel hub - a cheap launch pad to almost anywhere in the world. People based in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City have a choice of many airlines flying to such major destinations as Australia, the US, Europe, China, Russia, Turkey, India, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is one of only two Asian countries on the list for retirement, together with Malaysia. Others on the list are France, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Portugal.