Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has recently implemented “Toyota Environment Month 2017”, conducting a range of activities to mark Global Environment Day and the Toyota Global Environment Month celebrated by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

The annual activity has been implemented by TMV since 2008 and aims to increase environmental protection awareness among TMV members and further contribute to environmental protection in Vietnam. It has been introduced gradually at TMV dealerships and its suppliers nationwide.

TMC has chosen June as “Toyota Global Environment Month” since 1973 and in 2003 it was expanded worldwide to Toyota’s affiliates, including TMV.

This year’s activities will include the Toyota Eco Garden contest, the Toyota Environment Photo contest, an environmental protection commitment signing ceremony, and the Eco-Driving Guidance campaign. Many long-term energy-saving activities will be promoted that enhance environmental conservation in the workplace and the environment.

§ Activities within “Toyota Environment Month 2017”

Toyota Eco Garden contest

Organized over June and July, the contest has received positive feedback and participation from all TMV members, thanks to its target of creating “eco-corners” in workplaces. The contest encourages all members to develop their knowledge about the environment, tree planting, and using environmentally-friendly and recycled materials to together build a green mini-garden and create a totally new and beautiful appearance at TMV’s workplaces.

Toyota Environment Photo contest

The photo contest has been conducted since 2015, with the purpose of raising members’ awareness about the surrounding environment and biodiversity conservation through taking photos of beautiful environmental moments. The winner of the contest will be sent to Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing to participate in the international contest in August.

Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony

TMV’s Management and Heads of Divisions will attend the signing ceremony, pledging to protect and conserve the environment under specific targets set in the “Toyota Environmental Challenge to 2050” released by TMC in October 2015.

Eco-Driving Guidance campaign 

This is a new activity starting from this year and stems from the idea that sensible driving not only saves money for individuals but also allows them to improve traffic conditions by driving safely and smoothly. It will also raise awareness about and understanding of Toyota’s Eco-Driving concept among TMV’s members, partners, and customers and the community.

TMV implements many other environmental protection activities all year round, including reducing CO2 emissions in its production through energy-saving activities, continuously improving waste water quality, and introducing hybrid technologies in Vietnam.