People can’t deny the importance of speaking English in today’s world. Many studies have shown that people who speak English well will likely be more successful in the fields of research, technology, and commerce.

It’s not just adults who need to learn English in order to work or travel. Most parents invest in English classes for their children when they turn 5 years old to learn pronunciation and communication.

However, it's a fact that people can only use a language fluently if they have the opportunities to live in that language’s environment. Only then will their responsive and listening skills significantly improve.

Mr. Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat, which was published in 2005, put forward fresh insights into how global connectivity has changed since the internet first appeared. Now because of faster internet speeds, online English learning centers that use a “one teacher – one student” model are becoming more and more common.

Enrolling in English training centers is no longer a priority as it was in previous years now that the quality of online training centers has gone up and have lower tuition fees. Many students use online English schools to have one-on-one English training. It’s completely different from a classroom at an English center where a teacher has to deal with 12-15 students. The opportunity to communicate with the teacher is limited and students have to spend time travelling to the centers.

One of the many online English training centers that follow this model is Skype English, which was established in 2013 and has become a well-known center that’s trusted by thousands of local and international students. Using the model “one teacher – one student” via Skype, learners are able to improve their English at lower tuition fees without having to spend time travelling. The students only need to own a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, and have access to the internet.

“To attract thousands of students, we have to work hard to meet the goals of each person and ensure the highest efficiency for each course,” said Ms. Vu Thi Kim Anh, Director of Skype English Company Ltd. “We always listen to the comments and feedback of our students to improve the quality of our service. That is by many domestic and foreign customers consider us to be a quality online English training center.”

With Skype English, students have the chance to take a 30-minute free trial with a foreign teacher. After that, the teacher gives an assessment, method and curriculum that best suit the course objectives of those students.