On April 13, the Traffic Police Force of District 7 began operations on Hoang Quoc Viet Street with newly equipped helmet-mounted cameras. These cameras serve the purpose of helping police to record violations and use the footage as evidence. Every shift, police were provided with a camera and a small screen worn on their arm like a watch that displayed a live feed.

A young girl, when caught by the police, told them that she thought she had run a yellow light. In response, police took out the camera and replayed the video.

There were at least five violations during that operation. After being showed evidence, citizens were more willing to cooperate with authorities.

The device has high resolution and a zoom function so that police can record over dozens of meters. “When using it, we only have to explain to offenders while not being dragged into an argument with them,” said Lieutenant Pham Minh Nghia. “Before, we didn't have any image as evidence and so many people denied their faults.”

According to Lieutenant Pham Hong Nam, Vice Squad of Traffic Police Force of District 7, this also helps ensure better discipline among the police.

Camera-attached helmets have not been officially put into use by all traffic police forces yet. At the end of March, the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee made a proposal to Bloomberg Philanthropies in the US to fund their widespread use.

Vietnam has been paying attention to traffic safety recently. The newest rule stating that children and electric bike drivers must wear a helmet took effect on April 10.