Dutch beer giant Heineken last week introduced its fifth Sustainability Report, continuing its focus on enhancing efforts towards sustainable development in Vietnam.

“Choosing Green” is a deliberate choice made by Heineken on a global level as well as in Vietnam to be a sustainable business. For a company that has made “Brewing a Better Vietnam” its core purpose, Choosing Green means creating real value for Vietnam in all aspects of its business operations, an approach that Heineken has taken during its 28 years in Vietnam and inspired others to follow.

By focusing on value creation, Heineken Vietnam can ensure that its approach is truly sustainable over the long term, as its initiatives are lasting and self-sufficient, leading to gains for the business, the community, and the environment.

Heineken Vietnam was honored last year as the most sustainable company in Vietnam (in the manufacturing sector) for the second consecutive year, as well as named one of the best companies to work for in Asia by HR Asia magazine. These achievements were made possible by the company’s efforts in creating value for People, Planet, and Prosperity in everything it does.

Last year it directly and indirectly employed and supported 166,000 jobs throughout its value chain, a 50 per cent increase compared to 2014. It contributed nearly 1 per cent of Vietnam’s total GDP in 2018, up 50 per cent compared to five years ago.

Heineken Vietnam reuses or recycles almost 99 per cent of its waste or by-products and four out of its six breweries already source all of their thermal energy needs from carbon neutral, biomass-generated steam. Biomass is the use of agricultural by-products that would otherwise be unused waste to generate steam to power its breweries.

It has also worked extensively on reducing its CO2 footprint in logistics, by optimizing its fleet and making other improvements, which cut 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions from its logistic operations alone in 2018. It also treats 100 per cent of its wastewater and returns it safely to the environment.

In a clear example of how acting sustainably can create value for people and the planet while at the same time creating prosperity, the company pioneered a program in 2018 to recycle Tiger beer bottle caps and used the caps to build a new bridge in the Mekong Delta. The program not only helps to encourage recycling and reduce waste but also provides vital infrastructure for the community.

“We believe that ‘Choosing Green’ or acting sustainably is not an abstract concept that only sounds good on paper,” said Mr. Leo Evers, Managing Director of Heineken Vietnam. “In fact, our sustainability journey shows concrete evidence of the tangible value the company has created to ‘Brew a Better Vietnam’. If we can continue to create truly sustainable value, we can have an even greater impact here in Vietnam.”