AEON Vietnam began a mobile sales service in Hanoi on August 2, in cooperation with the Long Bien District People’s Committee, providing essential goods to local citizens at different locations as Covid-19 keeps many indoors.
The mobile sales will continue for about 15 days, as Hanoi implements social distancing measures under Directive No. 16.

Continuing on from similar efforts in Vietnam’s south, the AEON Long Bien supermarket, with support from district and ward people’s committees, will bring nearly eight tons of essential goods to customers in residential areas in Long Bien district at four locations: 5 Van Hanh Street, Viet Hung Urban Area; Dao Sen football pitch, 125 Nguyen Son; the public playground in residential area No. 33 - 34, Bac Cau Street, Ngoc Thuy ward; and 11 Dang Vu Hy, Thuong Thanh ward.

Local people with shopping permission tickets from the district and ward people’s committees can buy items such as perishables (vegetables, fruit, fish, meat), and groceries, among other things. Prices are the same as at AEON general merchandise stores and supermarkets and will be listed at each sales point so that customers can readily refer to them and shop with peace of mind.

Mr. Dam Manh Tuan, Director of AEON Long Bien, said that AEON Vietnam has always done its best to provide a full range of essential goods at stable prices. “We have worked with suppliers to ensure the uninterrupted distribution of goods, contributing to meeting the needs of citizens in Long Bien district and Hanoi,” he added.

Since mid-July, AEON Vietnam has increased stocks at three AEON general merchandise stores and supermarkets in Hanoi (Long Bien, Ha Dong, and MaxValu Riverside), specifically perishables (vegetables, fruit, fish, meat), by 200-400 per cent, and groceries (noodles, vermicelli) by 120-130 per cent. Its Merchandising Department has worked with suppliers to increase sources to meet the needs of local citizens. It has also increased its warehouse capacity and number of suppliers, and doubled deliveries, to ensure there are enough goods to meet any sudden increase in demand.

AEON Vietnam has widely conducted mobile sales in Ho Chi Minh City, where most people must have permission tickets to go to the supermarket. Nearly 20 mobile sales points are open every day, providing some 50 tons of essential goods to thousands of households. It is estimated that each mobile sales point serves an average of 200-300 customers.

Amid Covid-19, AEON Vietnam is committed to ensuring the supply of goods at stable prices and providing a variety of purchasing methods, from direct to online and mobile selling. It is always ready to support suppliers and work with State agencies to ensure the continuous distribution of goods, and at the same time join hands with the government and the community to overcome the pandemic.