The LEAP program will help as many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and private enterprises as possible to transform their businesses with the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, according to Mr. Will Nguyen, Partner-in-Charge of IT Advisory at KPMG.

Enterprises LEAPING into the future

Today’s business environment in Vietnam is as dynamic as ever. New ideas are being realized into business opportunities, new forms of businesses are being established, and new technologies are continuing to be introduced into the workforce, pushing the limit of possibilities in this increasingly connected world.

With so many innovations happening and new products and services being introduced, it’s easy to forget that many businesses in Vietnam are built on shaky foundations and have yet to put in place a solid platform from which to develop and grow their business.

“Growth at the speed of thought” still seems to be the mantra for many businesses here today, but in Mr. Nguyen’s experience this can be short-sighted. Put simply, a business seeking to thrive in the modern world will simply not be sustainable if the fundamental basics of technology-enabled operational management have not been embedded.

As Partner-in-Charge of IT Advisory at KPMG, it is Mr. Nguyen’s responsibility to support its clients in overcoming technological challenges and best leveraging technological capabilities in order to help the business grow and flourish at a price point that works for them. In this article, he shares what KPMG is doing to help businesses, regardless of their level of maturity (or size of wallet!), to adopt the latest technology solutions and LEAP forward into the future.

Challenges & opportunities

The business life cycle is common across all businesses. In their early days, startups almost always prioritize growth strategy over operational excellence. As their businesses grow, profitability and long-term business viability start to become top of mind. As this realization dawns, the importance of sound business operations becomes clear: timely and accurate financial information; efficient and effective product development integrated with marketing and sales; and optimized supply chains, etc., all become essential if a profitable growth trajectory is to be maintained, but none will be possible if a business does not have efficient and effective business processes underpinned by technology.

It’s no secret that for many businesses the core technology that delivers this is typically an ERP system. I know what you are thinking: “I simply can’t afford to spend money on implementing an ERP system!” Well I say, now you can!

Introducing KPMG LEAP 2018

LEAP (Leaping Enterprises Ahead Program) is a special program targeted at SME and private enterprise leaders in Vietnam looking to fast track their growth and take their business to the next level through ERP transformation.

We applied the 80/20 rules that leverage industry best practices to develop pre-built business and technology solutions that are then embedded into the leading ERP solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP). We also streamlined our implementation approach with standardized templates, test scripts, etc., to shorten implementation timelines. This provides us with significant savings that we can pass on to you.

Our mission with the LEAP program is to help as many SMEs and private enterprises as possible transform their businesses with the latest ERP solutions. The decision between quality and investment is no longer a complicated one. Through LEAP, you can now have quality products and services from KPMG at an investment point that makes business sense for your business.