What are your thoughts on the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in businesses’ success and sustainable development?

I always prioritize sustainable development values for the community, so I constantly urge my colleagues to put the community’s benefit as the top priority. A business can only develop sustainably, I believe, when the community develops in positive manner.

Sustainable development means not waiting until we’re prosperous before becoming involved in charity work, since CSR is about contributing and sharing. We must consider it as a matter of morality, which is an important element in creating a corporate culture and reaching sustainable development.

Therefore, I believe that CSR is an inseparable part of a business plan to develop sustainably. Regardless of whether its billions of VND or millions of dollars, CSR and sustainable development are certainly linked together.

As a long-term developer in Vietnam targeting creating green urban areas and contributing to building a sustainable environment for the community, what are Gamuda Land’s vision and orientations to become a business for the community?

Under the vision of “To be the leader in building sustainable homes and town-making and to enrich communities”, Gamuda Land always prioritizes the sustainability of construction innovation. We focus on long-lasting applicability and adaptation to the variable demands of residents and circumstances.

Investing for sustainability is the top priority in our values, because once we ensure stable living for citizens, the value of housing products increase. We always commit to securing a reputation and exhibiting responsibility as truly a town-maker, from planning until final construction.

We always keep moving forward with Gamuda Land’s brand values, to become the leading town-maker that understands nature and integrates with it to form a true township and a connected community. The key to actualizing these goals is to be sincere to customers, responsible to our stakeholders, and original in our approach.

Launched in Vietnam in 2013, the annual “Run for the Heart” charity program organized by Gamuda Land Vietnam and the Heart Beat Vietnam Fund has raised a lot of funds for children with congenital heart disease nationwide. What are the reasons Gamuda Land is involved in this race?

Run for the Heart is one of our most remarkable and persistent activities to support unfortunate children and provide them with a better future. Gamuda Land will maintain our efforts in joining hands with the community for the greater development of Run for the Heart, in order to improve the lives of unfortunate children.

Caring for people and communities is one of Gamuda Land’s brand values. A true town-maker always prioritize the sustainable development of communities to provide the best quality of life. Under this principle, CSR is always an essential part of Gamuda Land’s business operations.

How has this charity project played a role in the company’s sustainable development strategy in Vietnam?

Run for the Heart has secured enthusiastic support from the community because of the results it brings. This is how we head towards sustainable development in Vietnam.

After six consecutive years, the run has raised nearly $1 million to help 900 children receive free heart surgeries. It also has huge support from the community, with an average of 10,000-15,000 people joining in each year, including thousands of students and workers as well as many families in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

These wonderful results have created a beautiful impression of Gamuda Land in Vietnam, and the most precious value is the public’s favorable attitude towards us. Run for the Heart 2019 again received significant support from the community. I believe that’s an accurate reflection of Gamuda Land’s progress in sustainable development in Vietnam.

What are the major challenges for Gamuda Land in implementing CSR activities internally and externally in Vietnam?

We are still facing certain challenges in the community, for instance how to gain trust in our programs and convincing people to work with us. The number of children with congenital heart disease rises every year. Our challenge is gaining more support from the community so we can offer some form of support.