Mr. Brady Hsieh, Vice General Director of Taisun Vietnam

What were Taisun Holding’s most notable achievements in Vietnam last year?

Taisun Holding (Taisun) established a head office in Vietnam in 2001 and has reached several key milestones in growth and development. We successfully conducted an IPO in Taiwan in 2017 and also invested $12 million in building a new factory in Cambodia, production at which began in July 2018. The investment is to meet market demand in ASEAN markets with major potential and prove the long-term, continuous development of Taisun.

Taisun Vietnam maintained sustainable double-digit growth last year. Sales rose strongly in the southern region, and products were listed in more MT (modern trade) channels. We also made additional investments, particularly in marketing activities such as TV commercials, digital media, trade activations, and so on, to grow Taisun’s brands. 

Do you see Vietnam as holding potential in personal hygiene products?

Vietnam has a large population. Its economic growth is strong, and incomes are getting better every year. Consumers have therefore become more and more concerned about personal care, but baby care and adult care still have low penetration rates in the country. 

Taisun’s products currently fit in the market mainstream for middle-class people. We see a lot of potential to grow and develop personal hygiene products in the country, especially in the northern and central regions. 

Following a motto of “Growing Together”, what has Taisun been bringing to consumers and partners in Vietnam?

Taisun’s slogan “Growing Together” has meaning in both internal and external aspects.

Internally, Taisun provides more opportunities for local people and commits to offering better and higher-paid jobs as well as career paths for longer-term development and success.

Externally, we make major efforts and work seamlessly to serve the market. For consumers, under the commitment of “Growing Together”, we provide care products for every stage of life, from baby to adult. We offer products with world-class quality at reasonable prices to make the lives of local customers easier.

To seek or grow long-term relationships with partners, we regularly organize annual, national customer conferences to express our appreciation of their continuous and valuable support, as well as to share the company vision and expectations. Taisun continuously enables distributors, buyers, and customers to reach out and offer better products to consumers / end-users.

For corporate social responsibility, every month we organize charity activities to support poor people who are really in need. Taisun has expressed its responsibility in community development for a decade already. 

Can you tell us about your plans to expand production and product development in Vietnam?

With Vietnam’s high growth potential, Taisun has invested heavily over the last one or two years to expand our production capacity. Moving forward, we commit to introducing more advanced products with higher quality to enrich our product portfolio. 

Taisun wants to serve different segments of the marketplace to meet consumers’ expectations and capture the huge business opportunities in Vietnam. Let’s grow together for a better life.