The VNPAY-QR payment service and the VNPAY-QR payment system for enterprises developed by VNPAY were recognized as the best digital technology applications in 2018 at the Vietnam Digital Technology Awards, held recently by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA).

VNPAY was honored with the “Excellent Digital Application” award for its QR Merchant Management System (QR MMS), which has two products: the VNPAY-QR payment service and VNPAY-QR for enterprises. The VNPAY-QR payment solution has been expanded since 2016. After two years of development, there are now more than 20,000 points of sales accepting payment via VNPAY-QR code nationwide, with user numbers growing at 30 per cent. At the same time, QR Pay scans have been integrated into the mobile applications of 18 major banks in Vietnam. “Payment by scanning” on mobile phones has become a habit for many people when shopping, dining, traveling, or enjoying entertainment.

Payment solutions through VNPAY-QR also attracts the interest of many businesses because of its outstanding advantages in the deployment, operations, and management of payment transactions. When deploying payments via VNPAY-QR code, enterprises need not outlay much in initial infrastructure investment, and it’s easy to deploy broadly and quickly at a low cost.
QR MMS integrates a variety of functions, providing a tracking system and reporting online payment transactions through the website or mobile software, therefore enabling businesses to update their guest’s payment information anywhere, anytime.
Users can also export a payment transaction list to an Excel file for statistical purposes. At the same time, QR MMS also allows updating of order status information and marking the order status of the transaction in different colors. Managing the orders of affiliates has never been easier.
QR MMS has a simple, user-friendly, intelligent interface that is easy to operate and has two user levels: Agent and Point of Sale. Resellers can manually export the QR code for the secondary or secondary sales points and track the transactions of the secondary units on their own QR MMS account. Businesses can be more proactive in extending their business, monitoring, managing and deploying their own business programs without the need for support from a software management unit.
The VNPAY-QR payment system is compatible with the VNPAY-QR payment solution. Outstanding digital applications can contribute significantly to digital transformation, from traditional to digital-based business.
The Vietnam Digital Technology Awards are organized annually by the VDCA to honor outstanding organizations, enterprises, and individuals providing or applying digital technology to improve the experience, and also promote digital conversion and the digital economy in Vietnam.