The High-tech Human Resources Training School (VinAviation) run by Vingroup’s Vinpearl Air JSC launched its first ever pilot training course on November 20.

Two opening ceremonies for the course were held simultaneously at the Almaz Convention Center in Hanoi and the Vinpearl Luxury Hotel - Landmark 81 Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Half of the 180 trainees are aged from 18 to 33 and have experience working in many fields, in particular in aviation.

Trainees will be given basic training for about 12 months at the Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology (ACAST) in the US or at the Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) and deeper training for 14 months in Vietnam. Upon graduation, trainees will be granted international standard pilot certification (FAA and CASA) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. They will also have the opportunity to continue studying to earn a Bachelor’s in Aviation Administration.

The first 180 trainees were selected from an enrollment process conducted by VinAviation. Within just 100 days of announcing the establishment of the school and enrollment period, Vinpearl Air organized ten seminars on admission and career guidance in many cities and provinces around the country, attracting more than 6,000 applications. After careful and rigorous selection rounds, the best 180 students were identified.

“VinAviation not only begins this first course but also contributes to laying the foundations for an airline in the future,” said Mr. Phan Xuan Duc, General Director of Vinpearl Air. “We believe that Vietnam's aviation sector will enter a new stage of development.”

The basic pilot training course is a non-profit program at a lower cost than others thanks to support from Vingroup. The group will also ensure jobs for trainees after they graduate. Upon completing financial obligations for training at the school, trainees are free to choose to work at other local or international airlines.