Viettel announced the establishment of the Viettel Cyber Security Company on April 12 in Hanoi, which will research and develop in-depth solutions and provide information security products and services.

Its ecosystem of products spans customer groups including government, large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), individual customers, telecommunications customers, and information security service providers.

The company focuses on products such as centralized information security monitoring systems, monitoring and protection systems for telecommunications and anti-smuggling networks, systems for monitoring and protecting web applications on cloud computing platforms, and information security management system for office networks.

Services include 24/7 security information monitoring and troubleshooting, information security assessment and evaluations of systems and applications, and reviewing and removing malicious code.

The Viettel Cyber Security Company is currently responsible for ensuring information security for Viettel’s global telecommunications network infrastructure in eleven markets. Its network security prevented more than 25,000 cyber attacks by hackers around the world on Viettel’s system and customers every year.

The company is also providing network security solutions, reviews, and rescue and troubleshooting for more than 40 customers, including ministries and ministerial agencies such as the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the General Department of Taxation, and the Ministry of National Defense, city and provincial people’s committees, and large corporations and businesses.

Major General Le Dang Dung, Chairman and General Director of Viettel, said that telecommunications and IT development is a necessary path for social development and national development. “We must protect against harm,” he added. “With diverse network security products, the Viettel Cyber Security Company is currently the most solid shield for Vietnamese organizations and enterprises.”

The establishment of the company is part of the group’s strategic transformation in the fourth development phase and Industry 4.0.

Viettel is placed on a Brand Finance list of the 500 most valuable brands in the world, with a valuation of $4.316 billion. Its brand value has risen 35.8 per cent, or more than $1 billion, since early 2018, primarily due to its presence in ten foreign markets, proving it has become a highly-competitive operation in the international market.

2018 was a successful year for Viettel in expanding its foreign investment in Asia. Mytel, the Viettel brand in Myanmar, reached nearly 5 million subscribers after just six months of official business, for a market share of more than 10 per cent. Service revenue increased 20 per cent during the year, mobile subscribers grew nearly 70 per cent, and cash flow back to Vietnam reached $240 million, up more than 3 per cent against 2017.

Viettel changed its name to the Military Industry and Telecoms Group last year and announced it would move to the fourth stage of its development, with the goals of globalization and leading the way in Industry 4.0.