The Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) officially launched the Vietnam Blockchain Chapter (Vietblockchain) on June 8.

Given the challenges and also opportunities presented by blockchain for the global digital economy and for Vietnam, VECOM has recommended the country accelerate its research and apply blockchain technology in the field of economics, as it is now considered a fundamental technology for a digital economy.

VECOM therefore established Vietblockchain on April 23 and officially launched it at the Vietnam Blockchain Summit (VBS) on June 8, with the theme “From Technology to Policy”.

According to Mr. Bui Trung Kien, Head of Vinaphone’s online sales business, the chapter will be involved in increasing information dissemination and conducting training.

It will work with State management agencies and policy-making agencies on consulting on and reviewing policies as well as contribute to completing guidelines and legal norms to create a favorable environment for the research, development and application of blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Vietblockchain will also coordinate businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, to improve the ability to connect applications and also use blockchain technology in VECOM’s activities to bring economic efficiency to members.

It will also actively cooperate with other organizations and associations in training and guidance for students, the business community, and startups in Vietnam.

Vietblockchain will be a venue for VECOM members and organizations and individuals interested in researching and applying blockchain technology.

Fintech (financial technology) and fund raising, however, are not included in Vietblockchain’s activities.

VECOM expects the chapter will contribute positively to the application of blockchain technology in many economic sectors from 2018 to 2020.