King Coffee Gia Lai will the first café established under the King Coffee brand as part of the TNI Corporation’s strategy to develop a coffee shop chain of 1,000 outlets in Vietnam. It is positioned as a high-end coffee shop and opened on July 10 in the central highlands province of Gia Lai’s Pleiku city, covering an area of 1,200 sq m.

King Coffee Gia Lai and other outlets in the coffee chain comprise two zones: one serving coffee and the other for relishing coffee art. The design of the newly-opened cafe is inspired by the “Coffee World - Worldwide Coffee” concept. It offers customers the chance to savor freshly brewed coffee produced in the country as well as from Brazil and Colombia.

Explaining the reasons for choosing Gia Lai as the site for the first King Coffee outlet, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao, CEO of TNI, said the province has been a pioneer in coffee growing in Vietnam and is the second-largest coffee area behind the “capital of coffee”, Buon Ma Thuot. Originating from Gia Lai and successfully starting up with the Trung Nguyen Group and TNI, she also wishes to bring her compatriots the opportunity to enjoy the best coffee in the world.

The corporation rolled out its first King Coffee products in the US in late 2016 and in mid-2017 began developing in the domestic market, creating a distribution network covering all 63 cities and provinces.

Ms. Thao said TNI plans to expand new brands and become the leading brand in the F&B industry in the time to come.

In late April it opened a TNI King Coffee processing factory at the Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park in the southern province of Binh Duong. This was the sixth factory of its kind in Vietnam, with construction partly attributable to Ms. Thao, and one of the leading coffee production factories in Asia.

On a total area of 51,300 sq m, the factory was built in two phases. The first has one coffee roasting workshop and one instant coffee production workshop, while the second has seen construction of a coffee extraction workshop begin.

All workshops use a closed production line based on advanced European technology, helping to ensure standards and quality for the global market, production safety, and environmental friendliness. Once put into operation, the coffee processing facility could annually turn out 9,000 tons of roasted coffee beans and 19,800 tons of instant coffee, generating jobs for between 200 and 500 local residents.

The King Coffee brand has penetrated into overseas markets such as South Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, Russia, the Czech Republic, and India. The TNI Corporation was formerly known as Trung Nguyen International and was founded in 2008 in Singapore. It became operational three years ago and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City.