The TBS Group has been named as one of Vietnam’s Top 10 most-prosperous companies by Vietnam Report and the Vietnamnet online newspaper.

Its figures show the group’s crucial role, outstanding achievements, and significant contributions to the prosperity of the country and its communities.

Outstanding business activities

TBS Group experienced a period of high growth in 2016. In its fashion industry production, it was fifth in the Top 10 largest leather shoe producers and fourth in the largest handbag manufacturers in Vietnam. It owns a global value-added chain supplier with several world-class product development centers and highly-qualified human resources.

The company also saw significant growth in the sectors of Investment & Asset Management, Hospitality, Logistics, and Retail, contributing to its overall business growth.

Maintaining its leading position

TBS is as strong as foreign direct investment (FDI) companies in the same fields and has considerable financial strength and business advantages. It has therefore chosen its own path and taken responsibility as a leading company in making the greatest effort possible to be among the Top 10 largest global chain suppliers in the footwear and handbag industry by expanding its research and development (R&D) centers, giving priority to employing Vietnamese executives, and taking the first steps to move its factories to areas that can attract a sustainable local workforce.

Maintaining sustainable development

Vietnam improving its global integration requires better products and services for markets and partners. TBS must also improve its reputation, choose appropriate investment strategies for the future, and maintain its sustainable growth in business and community activities.

With its great vision, TBS plans to make a competitive difference by focusing on maintaining high quality in its products and services, making sufficient investments in R&D, expanding its production activities, increasing workplace performance, cutting production costs, strengthening its workforce, and improving its executives and skilled workers.

TBS has continued to make necessary improvements to satisfy the needs of all concerned parties: customers, workers, suppliers, shareholders, and society. Together with improving its business development, the company has always paid special attention to fulfilling its responsibilities to its 32,000-plus employees and the community.

In 2016, it launched its “learning and strengthening the organization” campaign, aiming to improve its high-tech employees by training and using them in its R&D activities so that the company can always introduce strategic products.

The company has also worked with and provided appropriate financial support to universities, in an effort to create opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and encourage research activities, thereby ensuring a new and trained workforce for the company’s business development in the future.

Its significant community activities include providing support for educational activities, the construction of schools, and scholarships to employees. The company has also provided financial support to charity activities in the community, the construction of free housing for the poor, and other social welfare activities like offering support for flood-affected people in the country’s central region and raising funds for people affected by the consequences of war.

TBS’s leaders have adopted long-term plans for these social activities as they are not only the company’s responsibility towards society but also reflect its good reputation and ensure the promises made by war veterans working for TBS.