MindX, a chain of schools training in new skills for the Industry 4.0 era, has recently completed a first round of $500,000 in funding led by ESP Capital and a number of other individual investors.

Formerly known as TechKids, MindX aims to build an ecosystem that includes schools for new skill sets in Industry 4.0 (programming, robotics, design, 3D drawing, etc.) and coworking space. Each complex is considered a “little Silicon Valley” that contributes to nourishing inventors, social change agents, and talented entrepreneurs.

Founded in 2015, MindX now has five centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, training more than 8,500 students and working adults. Many MindX students have won prestigious awards in national and international contests such as ACM and ISEF or received scholarships from the US, South Korea, or elsewhere.

They are currently studying and working in more than 20 countries and territories around the world. Many are employed at reputable tech companies such as Google and Facebook. At the same time, MindX is also office complexes that host more than 200 domestic and international tech startups and investment funds such as Wefit, Ninja Van, Nextrans Capital, and others.

Worldwide, the priority for technology education has become a guideline for leading countries in technology such as India, the US, Germany, and South Korea. At MindX, Programming and Science have become mandatory subjects from elementary school level.

Education is prioritized in Vietnam, with expenditure accounting for the highest percentage of GDP in Southeast Asia (4.7 per cent in 2018). With more than 23 million students, the market for training in new skills for the Industry 4.0 era has a lot of development potential.

While the English teaching market has grown significantly over the last decade thanks to globalization, the education market for new skills promises to break out to capture Industry 4.0. After English, programming will become the second universal language for people to communicate and work together globally.

MindX was established with the goal of helping students, especially those in primary and secondary schools, to learn and experience skills in the most comprehensive way, integrating studying theory and practice in a startup environment.

Specifically, MindX’s education segment focuses on empowering students with the skills necessary in the Industry 4.0 era, including programming, robotic applications, or multimedia subjects such as Designing, 3D Drawing, and VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality), etc. Students from the age of six can successfully program mobile apps for studying and entertainment purposes.

The coworking space segment, meanwhile, provides office space at extremely affordable prices for startups. After school, students are free to go to the MindX campus to read books, work on projects, and meet programmers and business owners.

They therefore experience a real workplace environment and learn about entrepreneurship from leading tech companies. This effectively empowers them to grow up and integrate into the real world. In addition, startups at MindX’s coworking space also possess abundant technology human resources to support their development.