The Mekophar Chemical & Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, with GLP, GSP, and GMP-WHO certification, trades and manufactures a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, including new drugs and traditional herbal medicines.

The company’s products not only meet demand in the domestic market but are also exported to Angola, Belarus, Cambodia, Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Tadjikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

It is the first and only company in Vietnam producing antibiotic raw materials (Ampicillin trihydrate and Amoxicillin trihydrate) used in pharmaceuticals, with a capacity of 400 tons per year to meet the needs of pharma companies around the country.

Mekophar also founded the Mekostem stem cell bank, which preserves, researches and applies stem cells in medicine.

Its business and production of various types of pharmaceuticals is as follows:

- Infusion and irrigation solution: 10 million bottles per year with 17 product types on the list of essential drugs issued by the Ministry of Health: Sodium chloride 0.9 per cent, Paracol 10mg/ml, and Dextrose.

- Cream - Ointment: 3 million tubes per year, with products including Betacylic, Najatox, and Saliment.

- Powder for injections: 20 million vials a year, from Penicillin and Cephalosporin:

+ The Penicillin group has four products, with the two main products being Augbactam 1gr/200mg and Aupisin 1.5gr.

+ The Cephalosporin group has five main products, including Cefotaxime 1gr, Ceftriaxone 1gr, Ceftazidime MKP 1gr, Capime 1gr, and Sucefone 1gr.

- Oral products: 3 billion tablets, 40 million sachets of powder granules, and 40,000 liters of liquid with more than 300 products:

+ Betalactams: 57 products from Penicillin and Cephalosporin.

+ Non Betalactams: More than 200 products consisting of the main group: cough suppressants expectorants and mucolytic; antibiotics; anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents; antifungal agents; antiprotozoals; antimalarials; antituberculosis agents; tonics and vitamins antihistamines; cardiovascular agents; and metabolism disorder agents.

- Functional foods: More than 20 products, including mainstream product such as Antilastic, Cellyva MKP, and Mekophar curcumin tablets.

Mekophar has a nationwide distribution network with major branches in Hanoi, Nghe An, Da Nang, and Can Tho and has close relations with all pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers throughout the country.

Mekophar is in the process of building and completing a new factory:
Name: MEKOPHAR Limited Company
Address: Lot I-9-5, D2 Road, Saigon High-tech Park, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
Name and title of the company head: Ms. HUYNH THI LAN, Chairwoman & General Director
Main business:
Non β-lactam products: PIC/S GMP standard compliant
Stem cell bank: AABB standard compliant
Machinery: European-made and Japanese-made
Capacity: 2 billion tablets per year, 50 million sachets per year
Completion time: September 2018