KPMG officially launched its LEAP 2018 (Leaping Enterprises Ahead Program) on May 25, bringing enterprise resource planning (ERP) to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and private enterprises.

KPMG’s mission through LEAP 2018 is to help as many SMEs and private enterprises as possible to transform their businesses with the latest Tier 1 ERP solutions. These ERP solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) are pre-built with KPMG’s best practices for businesses. Its accelerated implementation methodology will also ensure the highest chance of success.

Mr. Will Nguyen, Deputy Director of IT Advisory at KPMG, said that many believe that ERP involves outlaying tens of billions of Vietnam dong, which is of concern to SMEs in Vietnam. “They often choose to use alternative tools, such as Excel, or search for other software services in the domestic market,” he added. “KPMG has adopted the 80/20 rule to provide a standardized governance solution tailored to each of the world’s leading ERP technology platforms, and this solution is fully customizable to fit with the realities of enterprises in Vietnam.”

He also believes that with a flexible approach, KPMG’s LEAP will help businesses save time and money, providing support in strategic decision making and promoting business growth and development.

The cost of $88,000 for the Standard Cloud Starter Pack and $128,000 for the Enterprise Cloud Pack for the Microsoft technology platform compares favorably with Oracle’s application platforms costing $100,000 and $150,000. The cost is quite reasonable given the financial capacity of Vietnamese enterprises.

KPMG believes that with this technological upgrading in governance methodology, the level of corporate governance will improve and the number of large-scale enterprises in Vietnam will increase in the future.