Data from the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) at the Ministry of Planning and Investment shows that as of June 20, newly-registered capital, adjusted capital, and capital contributions to purchase shares from foreign investors stood at over $14.03 billion this year, equal to 91.1 per cent of the figure in the same period of 2021.

A total of 752 new projects were granted investment licenses, down 6.5 per cent year-on-year, with total capital of over $4.94 billion, down 48.2 cent.

Capital was adjusted at 487 existing projects, up 5.9 per cent, with total additional capital of nearly $6.82 billion, up 65.6 per cent, while there were 1,707 instances of capital contributions for share purchases, down 8 per cent, with total value at over $2.27 billion, up 41.4 per cent.

The FIA noted that although newly-registered capital is yet to fully recover after Covid-19, adjusted capital and capital contributions for share purchase have continued to increase sharply.

Despite newly-registered capital continuing to fall, the FIA believes the figures are gradually improving compared to the opening months of the year. Newly-registered capital fell sharply year-on-year from January to April, then increased 12.8 per cent in May and 14.6 per cent in June.

Another positive is that disbursed capital in foreign investment projects posted its highest increase since the beginning of the year, up 8.9 per cent to nearly $10.06 billion. This shows that businesses are constantly recovering and maintaining and expanding production and business.