Commerce marketing technology provider Criteo recently announced that its proprietary technology has helped, a Vietnamese e-commerce marketplace, better support merchants on its platform and engage shoppers with relevant and personalized experiences. has been working with Criteo since May 2017 and their ongoing collaboration has resulted in a 578 per cent increase in web and app commerce revenue and a 440 per cent increase in total conversion for web and app.

Launched in September 2012, is a subsidiary of major Vietnamese software conglomerate the FPT Group. The company’s business growth was dependent upon its ability to help merchants on its platform better engage shoppers in urban and rural cities and increase sales on the web, mobile web, and its mobile app. While recognized that using data to build an understanding of shopper behavior would play a crucial role in achieving its goal, its use of different digital marketing systems and tools meant it ended up with disparate datasets. Data integration was therefore inefficient and labor intensive.

To address these issues, turned to Criteo’s dynamic retargeting solutions. Powered by machine learning technology, Criteo’s solutions analyze a shopper’s online browsing patterns and compute their preferences and propensity to purchase. All of these are critical in delivering the optimal number of relevant and personalized ads to encourage each shopper to complete a transaction. This allowed to deliver the right ad at the right moment in the shopper journey, which is vital in driving conversion rates and meeting KPIs.

“Mobile is deeply entrenched in the local shopper journey, especially in cities where PC ownership is relatively low,” said Mr. Alban Villani, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, at Criteo. “It is imperative that commerce providers here avoid siloed campaigns. To drive sales and business growth, they must integrate advanced open data collaboration and mobile capabilities.”

“Criteo’s technology allows to transcend geographical limitations and more effectively engage shoppers in real-time and at scale, across devices and channels. We look forward to continuing to work with and other players to create the highest performing commerce marketing ecosystem - one that adds value to all local commerce providers who participate, regardless of size.”

Vietnam is one of the most mobile-savvy countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with smartphone use among mobile phone users growing to 84 per cent in 2017, according to Nielsen Vietnam’s Smartphone Insights Report 2017. This trend is also visible in secondary cities and rural areas in the country. Mobile use is set to fuel Vietnam’s e-commerce growth, which is expected to increase by 150 per cent by 2022 and amount to $10 billion.

“Criteo’s technology delivers intelligence, automation, scale, and most importantly, direct sales,” said Mr. Duc Pham, Deputy Director, Marketing, at “By adopting a unified system for our marketing campaigns, we are now able to allocate our resources more efficiently. We have also observed that many customers who live on a city’s outskirts or in rural areas have a desire to purchase items from merchants based in other parts of Vietnam. Working with Criteo has allowed us and our merchants to connect local shoppers with their preferred products, delivering relevant, seamless, and geographically-agnostic shopping experiences.”