FLC Group has announced that a resolution on the establishment of a subsidiary in the aviation sector, called Viet Bamboo Airlines, has been adopted.

Viet Bamboo Airlines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FLC Group and will fly under the name Bamboo Airways.

After completing legal procedures and securing favorable conditions, Bamboo Airways will begin commercial flights by the end of 2018, bringing international visitors directly to tourist destinations in Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay, Phu Quoc Island, and Quy Nhon, in south-central Binh Dinh province.

Mr. Dang Tat Thang, General Director of Viet Bamboo Airlines, said that the FLC decision comes after analysis of actual demand as it proceeds with six resort communities around the country. “Vietnam’s other carriers are focusing on providing services in major cities, with little or no direct attention paid to untapped foreign or domestic destinations,” he added. “We found there is potential for carrying domestic and international passengers to these destinations, including FLC’s ecotourism projects.”

Bamboo Airways is a “hybrid” carrier, a new type in the aviation sector in the world, in addition to traditional and low-cost carriers. This new type of service is a combination of the two existing types and aimed at services that address the diverse needs of passengers.

“Bamboo Airways will offer the full range of traditional airline services at reasonable prices,” Mr. Thang said. “Instead of concentrating on large cities with overloaded aviation infrastructure, Bamboo Airways focuses on direct international flights to Vietnam.”

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Vietnam will develop and put into operation a total of 26 airports, including ten international airports and 16 domestic airports.

Vietnam is now operating 21 airports, of which Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport and Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport account for nearly 75 per cent of total passenger traffic, with Tan Son Nhat operating at 110 per cent of capacity. Some local airports have tourism potential but are not fully exploited, such as Phu Quoc Airport, which operates at only 38 per cent of capacity.

Mr. Thang, therefore, affirmed that the FLC Group expects that the launch of Bamboo Airways will stimulate the development of the tourism sector in many localities, especially in untapped areas.