MediHub is now the only company in Vietnam to own a health information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem appreciated for its uniqueness, breadth, and value.

Digital transformation in health education

According to Mr. Nguyen The Dinh, CEO of MediHub, with the health ICT ecosystem it aims to address three major pain-points in healthcare - low health literacy among patients, a lack of sharing among specialists, and a lack of professional training for pharmacists - by providing integrated digital platforms for health education and engagement by patients, physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare corporations for better health in Vietnam.

The MediHub model starts with the patient journey, where people can find trusted healthcare education and engage with healthcare professionals via the social network. When waiting at hospitals and clinics, they can watch educational videos on MediHub TV, access healthcare articles, and surf the internet with high-speed M-WiFi Free.

To support people to proactively prepare financial solutions for chronic diseases and accidents in life, MediHub has also partnered with Generali, the largest life insurer in Europe, to provide consultation on life insurance packages.

For physicians and pharmacists, MediHub has built two mobile apps - MDCom for physicians and PharmaCom for pharmacists - to create an online community sharing knowledge and experience. It also provides continuing medical / pharmaceutical education in cooperation with medical universities and associations with curriculum, lectures, and official certification, and publishes e-books and medical journals providing medical updates. These mobile apps are the pioneer in Vietnam and activities help improve treatment efficiency when patients come to hospitals or clinics and pharmacies.

PharmaCom app for pharmacies

Widening potential

From a report presented at the Galang Growth Asia Health Tech Summit 2019, it is clear that Vietnam has the lowest share in terms of healthtech ecosystems and investment compared to other countries in Asia.

The government is encouraging the entire country to apply technology and innovation, including in the medical sector. The Ministry of Health is focusing on major issues to build Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Health management solutions, meanwhile, encourage healthtech companies to work with other digitalized and IT solutions.

“MediHub posted a 650 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2019,” Mr. Dinh said. “Its channels have reached more than 3.5 million people each month. PharmaCom has gained more than 4,000 top pharmacies as members, while MDCom will conduct the first online training course for 2,000 GPs on diabetes treatment, and also train more than 1,000 members of the Stroke Association. We have also partnered with leading medical universities and associations, 40 special and first-class hospitals, and multinational pharmaceutical companies.”

The company sees growth in mobile, internet, and social network use in Vietnam. Its niche social network will connect people with healthcare providers, private health insurance, and telemedicine, while its B2B2C marketplace will have potential over the next three years.

“However, the most challenging this for us is to convince healthcare providers to cooperate and then encourage people to join our platform, so that we don’t have to spend too much on a marketing budget,” Mr. Dinh added.