Manulife Vietnam continued to champion change in the life insurance sector through its sponsorship of the recent Vietnam Insurance Summit 2019, highlighting its role in pioneering customer, digital, and employee transformation in the industry.

Embracing its duties as a Diamond Sponsor of the November 14 event, Manulife helped advance the conversation around the need to evolve and re-shape the insurance landscape. It shared insights on how it’s pioneering customer, digital, and employee transformation.

Attending the event, Mr. Kim Fleming, CEO of Manulife Vietnam, shared his insights on how and where Manulife is leading the change in Vietnam. “We have a bold ambition to become the most digital, customer-centric market leader in our industry and we are doing this by creating a culture of change here at Manulife,” he said. “We believe people are the key to our success and by growing the right culture we can influence a positive change across our business and the industry.”

Manulife’s COO, Mr. Kevin Kwon, and Head of Claims, Dr. Tran The Loc, also took the stage to highlight how the end-to-end claims process is being improved through a combination of customer insights and digital transformation. “Driving the claims transformation at Manulife is our focus on improving the customer experience, an embrace of digital innovation and operational efficiency, and building an internal culture that drives this change,” said Mr. Kwon.

The transformation at Manulife Vietnam started from a strategic approach in the business as well as a methodology on how products and services are delivered to customers. Success in the customer experience and digital transformation comes when they positively impact customers. Manulife has seen a positive improvement in its Net Promoter Score (NPS), by 14 points, and is one of the leaders in NPS in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Fleming, Manulife’s transformation has been underpinned by a significant cultural shift designed to improve how employees think, act, and work. “We believe culture can be a distinct competitive advantage for us, which is why Manulife made the strategic decision to refresh its values and focus on building a new culture,” he noted. “This has made it easier for us in our transformation and ultimately focuses on making decisions easier and lives better for both our customers and employees.”

The Summit was held in Ho Chi Minh City and hosted by the Ministry of Finance and co-organized by the Insurance Supervisory and Authority, the Insurance Association of Vietnam, and the IEC Group. In its first year, the Summit brought together more than 800 delegates from a variety of fields to discuss and share their vision for the insurance industry of the future.