The ice cream business is said to be something of a “money-spinner”, especially on hot summer days, and many have chosen fresh ice cream machines from Hai Au to turn their dreams into cash.

If you want to do business but your capital is limited, the ice cream business is a sound move. With just a fresh ice cream machine, the necessary ingredients, and a little space decorated appropriately without too much fuss, you can start a business. Moreover, ice cream is a popular treat for people of all age groups, especially during summer.

As you need to keep an eye on your capital, you’ll get your money’s worth in choosing an ice cream machine that is durable and rarely has problems. According to recent media reports, many ice cream shop owners have been very satisfied with the quality of their Hai Au ice cream machines.

So, what makes these machines gain so much appreciation?

Modern technology and production

Hai Au ice cream machines use Italian technology, with imported components that meet European standards. The machines are manufactured under a process certified to ISO9001:2015 and CE Marking standards.

Photo: Imported components of Hai Au ice cream machines meet European standards.

Thanks to their modern technology, Hai Au ice cream machines take just three to five minutes to make a fresh batch of ice cream.

Elegance and convenience

Hai Au ice cream machines are elegantly designed, easy to use, and mobile. The outer shell is made from high-quality stainless steel and coated with a mirror layer that creates a luxurious look and makes for easy cleaning.

With a closed manufacturing process and with smart thermostatic control and customizable porosity, Hai Au ice cream machines prevent dust and bacteria from entering and produce batches of fresh and delicious ice cream.

Moreover, the machines have an ice cream counting system that helps owners manage their business. It also has a Vietnamese - English bilingual control panel and a multi-parameter LED display that is user-friendly.

Promoting economic efficiency

Using Hai Au ice cream machines, owners can prepare hundreds of ice cream cups from one batch. It is estimated that spending VND110,000 on ingredients, including 1 kg of ice cream powder (VND65,000) and 100 waffle cups (VND40,000), combined with electricity and water costs (VND5,000), sees owners earn VND500,000 when cups are sold at the lowest price of VND5,000 each, for a profit of VND390,000. In the peak summer season, profits can reach as much as VND2 million a day.

Compared to manual ice cream making, the quality and flavor of batches from Hai Au ice cream machines are guaranteed to be uniform. Not only that, most Hai Au ice cream machine models have a system for preserving materials in the ice cream powder storage compartment.

The economic efficiency of Hai Au ice cream machines is also enhanced due to their durability, with a three-year warranty that helps owners save on maintenance and repair costs.

Hai Au ice cream machines can also produce various flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coconut, banana, taro, caramel, and durian, depending on the type of ice cream powder used.

Each machine is equipped with three to six nozzles that produce three to six different types of ice cream with unique flavors at the same time. The tasty ice cream is certain to appeal to customers of all ages.

So, visit a Hai Au Group showroom, found all over the country, and select an ice cream machine suitable for your budget and be ready to start your ice cream business when summer comes.