Mr. Nguyen Hong Nhat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paradise Vietnam

Quang Ninh province in general and Ha Long Bay in particular saw positive changes in investment attraction and tourism development in 2019. How have these changes affected Ha Long Bay’s cruise market?

The changes have motivated the cruise market in Ha Long Bay to make breakthroughs compared to previous years, so it can integrate into the development of provincial tourism. Quang Ninh province and Ha Long Bay have seen a spectacular transformation with the appearance of modern and high-end tourism, shopping, and entertainment services, which have brought a new look to Quang Ninh. 

Paradise Vietnam also focused more on investment in infrastructure development in 2019, with significant improvements in design, room quality to meet international standard, hence to attract more domestic and foreign tourists. In the coming year, we will gradually replace all wooden cruisers with steel cruisers, and at the same time build new restaurant cruisers to welcome visitors on new journeys.

What are your thoughts about the rising number of domestic and international visitors to Quang Ninh this year compared to previous years?

In the first ten months, the total number of visitors to Quang Ninh reached over 11.7 million, up 10 per cent over the same period of 2018 and representing 84 per cent of the plan. In particular, the number of international visitors stood at 4.2 million, up 4 per cent, while the number of domestic tourists was over 7.5 million. Such impressive figures show that Quang Ninh and Ha Long Bay are increasingly affirming their position on the global tourism map. More and more tourists are visiting Quang Ninh and Ha Long Bay and many wish to return.

The remarkable growth in tourist numbers also shows the province’s sound investment in infrastructure and transportation, such as Van Don International Airport, Ha Long International Passenger Port, and the modern Hai Phong - Ha Long - Van Don Expressway, which makes traveling easier and more convenient than ever.

What did Paradise Cruise do to promote the local image and attract foreign visitors?

Not only focusing on promoting the image of domestic tourism, Paradise Cruise also strives to bring the image of Ha Long Bay and Vietnam to international tourism fairs. As a world natural wonder recognized by UNESCO, Ha Long Bay is greatly appreciated by international partners for its tourism potential. International visitors come to the Bay and wish to visit the natural landscapes and experience a five-star cruise. The number of Paradise’s international visitors is diverse, coming from nearly 106 countries and territories in 2019. In October, Paradise Cruise was honored to welcome its 500,000th guest exploring Ha Long Bay over the period of 10 years.

Paradise is still actively participating in international tourism fairs and exhibitions to promote the tourism image of Quang Ninh - Ha Long among partners who are major travel companies in the world, thereby establishing relationships to increase the number of international visitors. In May, Paradise Vietnam in collaboration with Quang Ninh province successfully organized the “Ha Long Bay and Beyond: Making Waves in a World-Class Destination” program in London, attracting 180 domestic and foreign investors and media. In August, Paradise again accompanied Quang Ninh province in the naming ceremony for the “Ha Long Bay - Viet Nam” yacht, which will participate in the Clipper Race in the UK - an event effectively linking destinations to people, travelers, and investors around the world.

We also improve the quality of our services and customer care in all areas of tourism, shopping, and entertainment to bring a complete experience to guests.

  With opportunities and challenges, what are the strengths of Paradise Vietnam in developing in 2020?

Paradise Vietnam is always proud of being the leader in the field of luxury tourism and resorts in Ha Long Bay. With more than ten years of experience operating seven luxury cruisers, we are always ready to seize opportunities to develop and expand our market share.

In addition to having experience in the industry, we also have great strengths to continue creating momentum in the future. We have a team of Vietnamese and foreign personnel with years of experience and broad expertise. They are always willing to learn and improve their skills to perfect the quality of services. Paradise Vietnam is constantly innovating, improving the quality of products and services, and bringing new and unique products to guests. We are always aware of the importance of branding, so we set aside a reasonable budget for Sales and Marketing. We also continually invest in infrastructure and materials to ensure that all products are of the same quality. Regarding the international market, we have representative offices in many countries and territories, such as Spain, the UK, Japan, and South Korea.

Can you tell us about the vision and orientation of Paradise Vietnam in 2020?

2019 has been a memorable milestone for Paradise Vietnam and it will create momentum for us to continue growing strongly. 2020 will witness the launch of new tourism products from Paradise Vietnam, such as placing the stamp of Paradise on Lan Ha Bay with Paradise Grand Cruise, the first Paradise Delight restaurant cruise system on Ha Long Bay, and the Paradise Express speedboat, which shortens the travel time from Tuan Chau Island to Ha Long Bay and then to Lan Ha Bay. In particular, we will continue to expand our market share and representative network in key markets to attract more international tourists to Ha Long Bay.