In addition to resort projects, ecological urban areas with green living space and diverse utilities are also chosen by many people, both as a second home and as a profitable investment.


Since Covid-19 appeared, Ms. Nguyen Hoai An (in Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi) found that her decision to buy a villa of more than 300m2 in Ecopark (Van Giang, Hung Yen) was correct. When not here, she authorizes a unit specializing in homestay business for rent, earning several tens of millions of dong per month.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the revenue from the homestay business has disappeared, but she is happy because the family has a safe place to avoid the epidemic, and there is a large, fresh and green space for the children to play comfortably.

At Ecopark, the immense green space helps Hoai An's children have a play space during the Covid season.

"During the epidemic, my children dropped out of school, my family moved here to live. Even if they limit going out, they can still play in the garden or park near the house without feeling bored. My parents I don't feel as secretive as living in the city," An said.

The trend of buying suburban villas as a second home (second home) is increasingly popular recently. Some resort projects in Hoa Binh, Ba Vi, Soc Son recorded high purchasing power in recent years. Besides resort projects, many eco-urban areas with green living space and diverse utilities are also chosen by many people, both as a second home and for sublease.

According to the real estate market summary report of Savills Vietnam last quarter, the average primary price of all types of villas, townhouses and shophouses in Hanoi market increased. Specifically, the average primary price of villas increased by 10% QoQ and 3% YoY. The average price of townhouses increased 11% QoQ and 16% YoY. The highest prices for villas and shophouses were recorded in Hoang Mai district - up 15% for townhouses, 32% for townhouses and Hoai Duc district - up 29% for villas, 38% for townhouses and 38% for townhouses. 59% with commercial townhouses.

At Ecopark, villa products are being traded well on the secondary market. According to the representative, in the island villa subdivision, 300 m2 villas are trading for about 40 billion VND per unit, 600 m2 apartments are also priced at 66-80 billion VND per unit at the moment. in. In Thuy Truc subdivision, townhouses are being traded for 12 billion VND. Despite strong demand, very few homeowners accept to sell.

Not only villas, resort-style products in this urban area also attract tourists during the epidemic season. At Swanlake Residences project - the newly launched hot mineral therapy apartment line is also quickly absorbed by the market.

The Landmark is the first project in Vietnam to bring Onsen & Detox technology into the apartment.


This August, Ecopark continues to announce 2 treatment towers The Landmark. In this project, Ecopark has brought hot minerals into the apartment, combined with the infrared sauna room to form a perfect hot mineral treatment course. Up to now, this is the first project in Vietnam to bring Detox & Onsen technology into each apartment.

The Landmark owns 3 hot mineral springs, possessing the same quality as the best hot mineral mines in the Hakone region of Japan. These 3 springs possess superior mineral composition, mineral concentration, mineral content, different pH, temperature, and are tailor-made to treat various health problems such as skin care and beauty. ; treatment of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure or special treatment of diseases of old age.

Hot mineral complex at the foot of The Landmark.

In addition to the hot mineral complex, The Landmark also owns a great spa that operates under a closed process from consultation, treatment, care to regeneration and rest. Ecopark invested nearly VND 1,000 billion for this hot mineral and therapeutic complex, in conjunction with three leading Japanese enterprises, which are the investor Nomura, Nikken design unit, and Raymond hot mineral consultant.

Assessing this trend, economic expert, Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai (Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City), the need to own suburban real estate to make a second home began to rekindle from 2017-2018 and really exploded after Covid-19. Home buyers now want to have a healthy living space with greener, safer architecture, not too crowded, not too high-rise, low-density construction to distance.

Besides the need to live green, the investment trend after the pandemic has also changed drastically. If before the epidemic, Hanoi investors tended to fish far from the shore, preferring resort real estate in tourist cities, now, they prefer the suburban resort real estate segment. This product line is popular because it possesses many advantages such as long-term ownership, which investors can use to stay and relax whenever they want. When not in use, the accommodation business can earn long-term profits.