According to the results of the implementation of the State budget collection task in July 2021 and the accumulated 7 months of 2021 implemented by the Tax sector as announced by the General Department of Taxation, as of July 2021, the whole Tax sector has been able to do it. 36,161 inspections, reaching 34.91% of the 2021 plan and equaling 110.08% over the same period in 2020. Checking 357,662 tax declaration records at the tax authorities, equaling 118.66% over the same period. term 2020.

The total amount proposed to be handled through inspection and examination is VND 25,972.31 billion, equal to 84.61% over the same period in 2020. In which, the total increase in tax collected through inspection and examination is VND 5,466.47 billion. copper; deduction of 1,080.48 billion VND; loss was 19,425.36 billion dong. The total amount of tax paid to the state budget is VND 3,261.25 billion, equal to 59.66% of the increase in revenue through inspection.

"The tax authorities focus on inspecting and examining at the taxpayer's headquarters for businesses in industries and fields with high tax risks. In which, focus is on associated transactions and related transactions. related to e-commerce, business on digital platforms, suspicious transactions". General Department of Taxation.

The General Department of Taxation said that recently, the tax sector has well implemented the inspection and examination plan at the tax office. In which, review businesses that refund value-added tax on exported goods and enjoy preferential policies on tax exemption and reduction.

Tax authorities will continue to take measures to require organizations and individuals to fully fulfill their tax obligations for income from business activities and e-commerce and digital business arising in the territory. Vietnam according to regulations, especially large foreign organizations such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Netflix...

At the same time, continue to implement well the work of preventing revenue loss for the non-state enterprise sector, drastically implementing the work of preventing revenue loss for small and medium enterprises, households and individuals doing business in small and medium enterprises. key areas and fields of e-commerce, online business...

At the last National Assembly session, Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc said that in order to ensure budget revenue for economic development and fight against the epidemic, the Ministry of Finance will focus on potential revenue sources such as revenue and revenue. On a digital basis, revenue from mineral resources, land, etc. At the same time, increase the application of solutions to combat tax loss such as application of information technology and artificial intelligence to limit tax evasion and transfer pricing. .

It is expected that in August, the General Department of Taxation will coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to carry out actual surveys of a number of e-commerce platforms to develop data standards and implement a 4-step roadmap for e-commerce platforms. providing and connecting information with tax authorities, preventing tax loss from this field.