The likely easing of social distancing and higher vaccination rates in 2022 are among the reasons to expect the stock market forecast to be better in the new year, with banking stocks being popular at the beginning of the year.

2021 was more successful than many investors expected, according to Mr. Le Quang Minh from Mirae Asset Securities. Opportunities were clear in many industries, such as banking, securities, steel, real estate, retail, and penny stocks.

Business results were also not as bad as thought. In 2021, negative GDP growth was posted in the third quarter but the revenue of many companies was quite good, especially those in raw materials and goods. This shows that, in 2021, despite Covid and social distancing, many businesses still maintained solid results and this growth momentum will continue into 2022, when Vietnam learns to lives with Covid and the government eases social distancing because the vaccination rate is high. The stock market forecast in 2022 will therefore be even better than in 2021.

Mr. Minh predicted that the market has many prospects for success in 2022, much more so than in 2021, because the economy will soon recover and more sectors will be active.

The first of these is banking when restructuring takes place. The second is the construction industry. Third is real estate, with infrastructure and new laws being the driving forces of the market. The fourth is the oil and gas group, with the oil price recovering and share prices following suit. And lastly, industry, with the most likely to continue to benefit being exports.