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Women in Business

Women breathing life into business dreams

06:04 | 24/3/2018

Vietnam boasts a number of successful young female CEOs in both large companies and smaller concerns.

Women have a will within

08:03 | 11/3/2018

VET sought a wide range of views on Vietnamese women in business.

Women possess positive attributes for success

07:56 | 11/3/2018

Women have certain traits that can lead to them being successful leaders.

Driving Deloitte forward

08:06 | 11/3/2018

Ms. Ha Thu Thanh from Deloitte Vietnam has played a vital role in the establishment, development and success of Deloitte Vietnam over the past 27...

More beauty options for Vietnamese women

15:54 | 11/3/2018

Ms. Hoang Dung, CEO of Lisa MEDI Beauty, talks about the company's growth and the potential the beauty and healthcare sectors hold.

Talentnet a major player in HR

10:47 | 17/3/2018

Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, CEO of the Talentnet Corporation, has steered the company into the leading position in Vietnam's human resources sector.

Titan of technology

06:07 | 24/3/2018

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Chairwoman of FPT Telecom, has played an important role in the development of the company and its contribution to Vietnam's ICT...


  • Forging ahead
    Forging ahead

    Most foreign investors have benefitted from Vietnam’s investment environment...

  • Where it’s needed
    Where it’s needed

    Vietnam has constantly struggled to attract FDI to its agriculture sector...

  • Change for the better
    Change for the better

    VET sought the views of chambers of commerce in Vietnam regarding FDI.


Vietnam - South Korea Relationship